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Glass is one of the most expensive and visible features in a residential  or commercial building. The defining difference between standard window cleaning service and a commercial window cleaning service is the care and detail given to your fragile glass. The expert process used to detail all types of glass requires a keen eye for detail, precision and knowledge which cannot be handed over to an inexperienced crew where damages are certain to occur.

Commercial Window Cleaning

At Nancie Brown & Associates, we treat window and glass cleaning as an art and know glass can be delicate and irreplaceable. Therefore, we test all glass before we start the cleaning process and use only the highest grade of professional equipment and products for all categories of glass. Whether you require commercial, residential, or industrial window cleaning, we have the skills to determine which technique to utilize to avoid damages and unnecessary cost to your project.

Window Cleaning Service

Commercial window cleaning means more than just soap and water. We clean and detail all types of windows and glass including the surrounding window treatments, which in many cases, can be even more expensive than the actual windows. We use exclusively formulated cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment including boom lifts for very high windows, and we stay abreast of the current trends and continue to educate ourselves on the latest techniques to ensure that we can proudly offer our leading edge window cleaning service to clients in the southern California region all the way from newport beach to Calabasas and south bay.

Nancie Brown personally trains our large, uniformed staff of window and glass cleaning specialists and takes a hands-on approach with all projects. As experts, we focus on every detail to not only ensure that your windows are sparkling, but that casings, sashes, screens, tracks, frames, and other window elements are completely clean as well. We detail all glass fixtures including glass walls, glass finishes, fragile glass furnishings, and indoor and outdoor lighting. Coupled with unmatched professionalism and reliability, we ensure project safety and quality control to deliver the best possible detail window cleaning service. A supervisor oversees each project and is in constant contact with the cleaning team.

Window and glass cleaning projects include the following services:

  • Wash exterior/interior window glass
  • Exterior sashes
  • Remove window residue and water spots
  • Window and door tracks
  • Glass door tracks and sliders
  • Paint removal from glass and panes
  • Operate boom lift for high glass windows
  • Clean and detail all interior glass (showers, glass walls, glass furnishing, skylights)
  • Exterior skylights
  • Hard-to-reach interior/exterior glass trim, frames, sashes, tracks, structures and lighting
  • Streak-free cleaning

Nancie Brown & Associates is the detail window and glass cleaning business of choice for leading interior designers, architects, homeowners, contractors, and other high-profile clients. We are bonded, a member of A.S.I.D., and carry all of the required insurances including Workers’ Compensation, automobile, and general liability insurances.

We serve Central and Southern California including the cities of Newport Beach, Calabasas and Manhattan Beach and provide a fully staffed office for any cleaning need. With over 25 years in business, our projects have included hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and the finest homes and estates, among others.

Call us at 310-837-7880 to find more about our professional detail window and glass cleaning services.

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