Allowing a commercial cleaning service into your business office or your shop is an important decision, because those commercial or corporate cleaners will become an extension of your operation.  Your establishment is actually a second home considering how much time you and your employees devote there.  Just as you carefully contemplate any new in-house hire, the same careful thought should go into the selection of the crew that will clean for you.  They must be experienced, reliable, and reputable.

Benefits of A Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial enterprises contain many features that require special care and handling, and they often employ large numbers of people using small and efficient spaces, so that there’s lots to clean-up after.  It’s wise to beware of a solo operator, or very small crew that actually doesn’t have the knowledge or equipment to properly clean your corporate space.  Any commercial cleaning service that is no more than a one-man crew with a mop and bucket probably isn’t go to do the best job.  Likewise beware of a commercial cleaning service that has one owner – operator and a crew of temp employes who probably don’t have the skill to do the job.   Industry standards advise of the important criteria upon which to base hiring a commercial cleaning service.

  • Many years in business
  • References
  • Able to perform detail cleaning tasks
  • Up to date on cleaning products and equipment
  • Licensed and bonded
  • Supervised Crew
  • Supplies their own cleansers and equipment
  • Knowledgeable about health and safety standards
  • Can customize their cleaning to your exact specifications
  • Written contracts
  • Easy contact always available


Commercial and Corporate Cleaning in Los Angeles

Nancie Brown & Associates is exactly the type of commercial cleaning company you want to hire because they exceed every industry standard of excellence.  With over 25 years of experience, their uniformed staff of professional cleaners has the expertise to handle a wide variety of detail commercial cleaning projects.  You are in their capable hands for all corporate cleaning tasks ranging from; high-tech computer rooms, labs, commercial kitchens, theaters, studios, all delicate glass surfaces, event pre-and-post clean up, and restaurant pre-and-post inspection detailing. 

As the premier commercial detail cleaning experts in Los Angeles, they are trained to work around sensitive and fragile equipment and well versed in the special cleaning products and equipment necessary to do the job properly.  Nancie Brown holds all of the required licenses and certifications including a CSLB D63 license, and they’ve got a long list of notable clients as testament to their fine detailed cleaning services.  Partner with Nancie Brown & Associates, and you’ll never again wonder about who is going to show up to clean your commercial or corporate establishment again.