What is Post-Construction Cleaning?

Whether you are planning to construct your own home, remodeling an existing home, or simply moving into a new build, the question of what is post-construction cleaning has probably presented itself at some point. Post-construction cleaning occupies an essential role in making a property fit for human habitation. The best construction cleaning services will themselves be a significant part of improving the experience of the property for the tenants. Nancie Brown & Associates is a post-construction cleaning service in Los Angeles, CA. We have been in business since 1987, providing exceptional construction cleanup for a range of clients including some of the United States’ top brands. Our expertise in this field allows us to provide a particularly in-depth explanation of the service and why it is not only necessary, but something that you should not cut corners on.

What’s Included in Post-Construction Cleanup?

After a construction crew finishes their work on a building, there is still a lot of work to be done before it’s fit for regular use. Construction work is, as anyone who has worked on or visited a construction project can attest, very messy. Cleaning after construction is often handled by specialized cleaning crews, to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and that tasks get completed to a sufficiently high standard. However, if you’re interested in attempting the job yourself, here is a common post-construction cleaning checklist, with some construction cleaning tips.


  • The first part of post-construction cleaning is gathering the materials and equipment needed to do a thorough job.
    • Safety signs, hard hats, dust masks, rubber gloves, eye protection: PPE is essential. While the building is technically no longer a construction site, there is still abundant dust and debris from the construction present, which can pose significant health and safety hazards to an unprepared cleaning company’s staff.
    • Brooms, dustpans, mop heads, mop buckets, wringers, scrub pads, scrub brushes, hoses, upholstery tools: You’ve heard the saying ‘a worker is only as good as their tools’, and that is as true of construction cleaning as anything else. Without the basic tools of cleaning in place, little of use will get done.
    • Stepladders, extension ladders, ladder bumpers: Ceilings, windows, and building exteriors get dirty as well during construction, so ladders are necessary to make sure they can be cleaned.
    • Window cleaning equipment (buckets, squeegees, rubber blades, razor blade scrapers, extension poles): A thorough window cleaning is an integral part of an exterior clean.
    • Shop vacuum: A high-powered vacuum is essential to deal with the plethora of dirt and dust that is generated by construction work.
    • Trash bags: All that trash, dirt, and used-up cleaning resources have to go somewhere. You will need more of these than you imagine. Best to err on the side of caution. 
  • One of the most obvious elements of post-construction or post-renovation cleaning is tidying up the construction trash. Leftover lumber, drywall, or garbage. Tarps, drop cloths, construction supplies, tape: it adds up, and it all needs to be disposed of properly. This needs to be handled before the next stages can be undertaken.
  • Flooring is a regular casualty of construction. Filth tends to amass on carpets, tiling, hardwood floors, and others. Check first for any damage before you begin a cleanup. Carpets and hard surfaces require different approaches, and any permanent damage done during construction will need to be identified and repaired. Cabinets and closets, especially walk-ins, are often overlooked by this step.
  • Walls, windows, and mirrors all require different levels of care and finesse. Dirty glasswork undermines the aesthetic of a building, as can grimy walls (or walls pockmarked with dents, bruises, and gouges).
  • Sidewalks, driveways, and entries should also be considered. Dirt and discoloration can occur as a result of numerous construction-related causes, and any good construction cleaning service will include removing these.
  • Light fixtures can often accumulate dust, and when those lights heat up while on, the dust may emit unpleasant smells. It is best to shut off the power to a certain part of the house before cleaning fixtures in that area with a soft, dry cloth: just as a precaution.
  • HVACs and ducts will often have put in heavy duty work prior to the construction’s completion. It can be worth checking to ensure that the filter has been replaced and that the ducts are not blocked up by accumulations of dust. This task is often best handled by hiring a professional: large quantities of dust circulating through your property can be bad for the health of the residents or visitors.
  • The final interior cleanup involves dealing with the little things, like polishing doorknobs and faucets, dusting outlets, switches, and overhead fan blades, and sweeping out grime and dirt from doorframes and windowsills.

Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

If you are uncertain about your ability to perform all of this cleaning effectively, there are commercial options out there. Nancie Brown & Associates has over 30 years of construction cleaning experience and has worked with many of Los Angeles’ foremost names in architecture and construction. Contact us today to see what post-construction cleaning work we can do for your property.