West Hollywood Cleaning Service

Not Just a Maid Service for West Hollywood

If you are seeking a thorough and professional home clean, we highly recommend choosing Nancie Brown & Associates for your West Hollywood cleaning service needs. We can save you money on home maintenance by identifying areas that require cleansing of corrosive or otherwise damaging dirt and detritus. The special attention we give to cleaning floor surfaces, including grout, can extend the lifespan of tilework by years. We specialize in detailing windows and fittings, as well as interior glass such as showers, glass walls, and glass finishings. This can prevent decay, put off weathering, and make fittings more resistant to corrosion. We also clean vents, metal screens, and gutters, extending their lifespans by cleaning them with only the cleaning products that will preserve them while expunging all grease, dirt, and other gunk. We also detail upholstery and provide fabric protection. 

To hire Nancie Brown & Associates to clean your home, you can make an enquiry via our website.

One of Los Angeles’ hottest neighborhoods for nightlife and culture, West Hollywood is known for its thriving LGBTQ+ community and the Sunset Strip. It’s also notable for being one of the more upmarket areas near Hollywood. If you want to keep your WeHo home interior looking pristine, you should invest in a professional cleaning company’s services. Nancie Brown & Associates can provide home cleaning that outstrips any mere maid service.

Best House Cleaning Services in West Hollywood

Nancie Brown & Associates are proud to be the best cleaners in West Hollywood with the highest standards. These standards are established by none other than our founder Nancie Brown, who after more than 30 years in the business still makes time to instruct our new cleaning staff in the bedrock principles that have helped us stand the test of time and continue to build on our previous successes.

  • Reliability: Our cleaning employees standard cleaning is as thorough as other companies’ deep clean services. We go the extra mile to ensure that we are leaving customers satisfied.
  • Safety: Aside from the care we take to ensure that all of our cleaning crews are fully insured to protect ourselves, you, and our staff, our cleaners are thoroughly trained in the use of specialist equipment and cleaning products so that they can use the most effective cleaning techniques while preserving both their safety and the safety of your home and property.

Quality control: Nancie Brown & Associates works hard to ensure a high level of customer service through rigorous quality control. We only dispatch cleaners who are directly employed by the company, and thoroughly trained. Unlike other companies, we don’t send you subcontracted or temporary workers. That’s how we know you’re getting top quality cleaners every time. All of our cleaning crews are overseen by an English-speaking supervisor who will confirm with you that the work done meets both your standards and our own before the cleaners leave for the day.