Venice Cleaning Service

Are you in need of a Venice cleaning service for a bungalow, apartment, or condo? Venice is one of the most well-known neighborhoods of Los Angeles, CA for its status as a cultural hub. Its popularity as a base for families has waxed and waned with the decades but as with many Westside neighborhoods, it is currently experiencing a significant boom with the ongoing success of ‘Silicon Beach’. Google leases a significant amount of space in the area, and there are many smaller firms who operate out of Venice. If your work-life balance leaves you with little free time for household chores, you may want to invest in a professional home cleaning service such as Nancie Brown & Associates. 

Best Home Cleaning Near Venice

What makes Nancie Brown & Associates the best home cleaning company in the area? A combination of factors. Our house cleaning service operates on a set of immutable principles that has served us well for over 30 years, when we were first founded.

  • Attention to detail— The cleaners at Nancie Brown & Associates do a great job every time. How do we know this? Because unlike many maid services or cleaning companies, all of our cleaners are directly employed and trained in-house. We never use indigent workers or subcontractors that haven’t been background checked. That means that we can thoroughly verse our staff in the standards that Nancie Brown strives to uphold for every client we get. We make sure that when we clean a home, it’s not just the areas you can see that are left sparkling clean. Accumulated dirt and detritus can damage your house and cause ongoing issues, both to the integrity of the property but also to an individual’s health. 
  • Expertise— We take pride in being cleaning professionals, and taking the necessary steps to provide quality and safety while we clean your house. Nancie Brown & Associates is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, with Workers’ Comp and vehicle insurance as well as general liability insurance well in excess of state mandatory levels. This protects us and our staff in the event of a mishap, but most importantly, it gives you peace of mind. We don’t only protect our workers but your furnishings as well. Our cleaning staff will test your quality finishes and surfaces with premium cleaning products before we begin cleaning in earnest, to ensure that no damage is done to your furnishings. In addition to the premium cleaning products on the market, we have formulated our own line of cleaning products to ensure peak performance. We’re perfect for when you need a deep cleaning: for example, if you are in need of move out cleaning.
  • Customer service— We constantly strive to live up to our high standards of professionalism and quality customer service. Our office is available to answer queries and fully staffed. Every job we respond to does not only get a highly-trained and uniformed cleaning team, but an English-speaking supervisor who will ensure that the work done is to the Nancie Brown standards. The supervisor will also coordinate with you to ensure that the work is at a satisfactory standard for you as well, and that the noise levels are not distracting.

Housekeeper & House Cleaning Services in Venice Beach

The community of Venice Beach has a long tradition of engagement in social and environmental issues, and Nancie Brown & Associates is happy to support those goals. We offer the option of eco-friendly cleaning products if you desire their use on the job. Whether you’re trying to look out for nature, or simply ensure that your pets and children aren’t exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals in some of the stronger cleaning products we use, we will be happy to accommodate your desires. We are proud to offer cleaning services for homes with pets.

Professional Cleaning Service

In our over 30 years of experience cleaning homes and businesses of all kinds, we have developed best practices for dealing with a variety of cleaning issues. We are highly capable of cleaning historic homes while preserving their antique features. We are also an experienced cleaning service for beachfront homes. Coastline neighborhoods such as Venice can often find their exteriors weather faster than normal due to the sea breeze. We can clean the external surfaces and fixtures to make them last longer than they would if left to their own devices.

  • Nancie Brown & Associates specializes in cleaning glass of all kinds. We provide excellent cleaning for windows, glass walls, glass finishes, lighting fixtures, or even glass furnishings (no matter how fragile). We can deliver a standard of cleaning that leaves your home without paint flecks on windows, no water spots, and no chalky window residue. We only use the highest grade of professional equipment on your windows. Not only will we clean the glasswork, but also the frames, screen, tracks, and more.
  • Floors and carpets are also within our capacity to clean. From stone to tile, to hardwood, acrylic, or carpet, we can cleanse your floors and clear out dust mites, dander, and other allergens.
  • Many maid services and other cleaners have very modest cleaning equipment. In contrast, we are able to equip and train our cleaning teams with apparatus to help them clean high-to-reach areas such as light fixtures, skylights, and other ceiling-based features.
  • We can clean and polish a variety of kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as anywhere else they are found. Whether they are simple plastic, wood, granite, or more unusual surfaces like stainless steel, silver, or marble, our cleaners will perform checks to ensure the surfaces will respond well to the products we use. We also clean and sanitize grout and tiling wherever it is found: kitchens, bathrooms, or outside fittings like pools.

Nancie Brown & Associates are ready to clean your property. You can use our booking system through our website, or call us on (310) 837-7880 ad request a free estimate.