Skylight Cleaning Los Angeles

Skylight in a tile roof on a clear day


Especially in a city like Los Angeles, with over 280 sunny days a year, it’s great to have a skylight. You can let in daylight and fresh air and give your space a breezy but warm feel. The downside, of course, is that it’s tricky to manage streak-free cleaning of skylights by yourself without specialist equipment. Even your average window cleaning service is likely to balk. That’s why when you’re looking for skylight cleaning in Los Angeles, you should turn to the professionals. Nancie Brown & Associates are standing by to help.


Commercial and Residential Skylight Cleaning

Window cleaner using a squeegee to clear suds from a window


Looking for a professional window cleaning company that can also clean your skylight well can be difficult. Window cleaners are not often equipped to do a great job with a skylight, and there is the common concern that skylights leak. While that often depends more on who you have installing a skylight than the structure itself, the end result is the same. Whether it’s a single venting skylight in your bedroom, or even if you have an atrium with many sun-facing panes, regular cleaning can seriously make a difference in the amount and quality of natural light the room enjoys. As well as making the room brighter, natural light can improve the air quality and general healthiness of a living or work space.


Skylight and Atrium Cleaning Techniques

Especially with skylights and atrium glass, it’s essential to retain the services of a company that will treat your fixtures with the care and attention to detail necessary. Damages are a distinct possibility if the work is mishandled. Given how visible and expensive glass is, using the right technique is paramount. Look for a window cleaning service with boom lifts, de-ionized water-fed pole systems, and other equipment that suggests it is at home with interior and exterior skylights. The service you choose should also be experienced with cleaning fittings such as frames, tracks, sliders, trim, and skylight flashings. Make sure their maximum height is compatible with your structure.


Trust the Los Angeles Window Cleaners with Experience


Nancie Brown & Associates have been in the window cleaning business for over 30 years. In that time, we have worked for residential, commercial, and industrial clients all over Southern California, cleaning many types of buildings. We take our status as professionals seriously, between our exclusively formulated cleaning products and our commitment to keeping up with the latest industry techniques. When you need your windows professionally cleaned, you can rely on us to be scrupulously reliable, safe, and thorough, even with the most hard-to-reach skylights. All of our jobs are supervised and go through our strict quality control system to ensure our high standards are being upheld. Nancie Brown is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your peace of mind. You can be confident that with our professional training, your windows will be at their cleanest. Learn more about the services we offer today. Call us on 310-837-7880 to talk.


Window cleaner squirting cleaning solution onto a window with a cloth to wipe