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For restaurant staff members, there is little that causes universal fear as much as news of an impending inspection. Restaurants can be inspected at least once and up to four times a year, and a disastrous inspection can torpedo a restaurant’s reputation faster than a dozen bad reviews, so making sure your restaurant is exceptionally clean is especially important in the days before an inspection is due. If you’re taking it seriously, you’ll want to look into a local professional cleaning service that has experience with restaurant inspection cleaning in Los Angeles.


Pre-Inspection Cleaning


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Things that you might want to handle yourself pre-inspection include tasks like cleaning the vents above your grills to avoid grease buildup, cleaning the gaskets on the refrigerator and oven, cleaning beneath the fryer wells, inside the ice machines, and the walls around the equipment. Make sure trash bins and internal fan guards are cleaned as well. It also helps to defrost smaller freezers so that ice doesn’t collect in large amounts. While you can do larger tasks like deep cleaning your ceiling vents, floor drains and mats, rolling carts, staircases, storage areas, external ventilation filters, and dumpsters yourself, you might prefer to leave that to the professionals. A professional cleaning contractor does not only have the equipment and supplies, but also the experience to efficiently clean these areas, many of which can prove tricky for those not equipped properly.


Post-Inspection Cleaning


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Once your inspection is complete, you’ll likely want to maintain that same high standard of cleaning. You can retain a professional cleaning contractor to ensure that your kitchen stays in good condition and free of vermin. Maintaining excellent standards of cleanliness is habit-forming for your kitchen staff, and makes their jobs safer as well. Nobody wants to work in a kitchen troubled by pests, and by keeping the kitchen area and outside area clean and free of food waste and detritus that can provide sustenance and shelter for bugs or rodents you not only make the workplace safer for your staff but also for your customers.


Nancie Brown and Restaurant Cleaning

Nancie Brown & Associates is a professional cleaning contractor that has been in business for over 30 years offering detail cleaning services to restaurants, hospitals, labs, and many other commercial premises. Our trained and uniformed staff are experts in pre- and post-inspection cleaning, and are fully capable of working carefully around delicate kitchen equipment. As well as handling your kitchen cleaning, we are also expert window cleaners who can clean and detail your interior windows to make sure they won’t drag your inspection score down. Unlike many other cleaning contractors, Nancie Brown is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, with all required certification, and exclusively uses trained employees as opposed to subcontractors or contingent workers. That ensures that we maintain the highest possible standard of cleaning for our clients through rigorous employee training.


If you’re interested in restaurant inspection cleaning in the Los Angeles area, Nancie Brown & Associates is available to provide its expert attention. Contact us today at


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