Reliable Cleaning Service

The Differences Between an Unreliable and Reliable Cleaning Service

Reliable Cleaning Service

Any city of decent size has a broad selection of cleaning services for residential or commercial clients to choose from. This is especially true for Los Angeles County, the United States’ most populated county. With such a huge selection, you’re bound to get both high- and low-quality cleaning companies in the mix. While nobody wakes up and says to themselves ‘I’m going to hire a low-quality cleaning service today!’, it’s an unfortunate fact that managers can find themselves tempted to overlook red flags by the need to conserve money. We’re here to explain why that’s not as great an idea as it seems, and why it can often be a false economy.

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A Difference in Accountability

A low-quality, unreliable cleaning service is most likely to not actually have any cleaners on staff on all. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Truth is, many companies will cut their costs by hiring contingent workers, who tend to be lower-skilled than in-house staff. Contrast this with high-quality services, who actually retain a cleaning staff in-house, with training, uniforms, and an organizational structure that reports to superiors to sign off on jobs. What does this mean for you, the client? First, uniformed staff means fewer security concerns for you. Second, getting fully-trained staff ensures that you get a great standard of cleaning, every time. And of course, having a work culture of signing off on completed jobs with a on-site supervisor means that the people responsible for cleaning your property are more accountable.

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A Difference in Organization

You wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t take their job seriously fixing your car. You definitely wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t take their job seriously performing surgery on you. You should demand a comparable level of professionalism from the people responsible for ensuring that your work or home environment is sanitary and safe for your colleagues or loved ones. At the very least, you should insist on your cleaning service being licensed, insured, and bonded. That way, you’re protected if your cleaners fail to properly secure your property and a break-in occurs. A company that doesn’t have its paperwork in order is liable to cut corners elsewhere as well, and when we’re talking about the kind of hazardous chemicals used by cleaning services, it’s a risk you’re better off not courting.

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A Difference in Attitude

What’s the difference between a cleaning company looking for their first job and a cleaning company looking for its ten-thousandth? Not to surprise you, but there are a lot of differences. The most important one, though, is that the company with nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine successful jobs behind them has done a good enough job on enough of those that they’re still in business. What does that mean? There is a proven culture of success at that company: an attitude towards the work that delivers positive results that help it find more clients. Does that mean that the company looking for its first job doesn’t have that? Not exactly. Some things only come to companies over time, with experience: hard-won lessons, time-tested strategies. At Nancie Brown & Associates, we know all about those. We’ve been providing quality cleaning services for over 25 years, and setting the industry standard for accountability, organization, and attitude. Even today, our founder Nancie Brown personally checks every job to ensure quality work. That’s how you know we are the most reliable cleaning service in the county of Los Angeles.


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