Recommended Construction Cleanup Services

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recommended construction cleanup services

Construction cleanup isn’t a matter of comfort or aesthetics, it’s a matter of safety. When you use the recommended construction cleanup services of Nancie Brown & Associates, you know that you have the top company in the business working for you.

When searching for recommended construction cleanup services, consider that a leading cause of workplace death – falls, slips and trips – increased to 818 fatalities in 2014, a 13% increase from 724 deaths in 2013.  Recommended construction cleanup services know the hazards of working at heights are well known, and use tested and effective safety protocols to protect workers. OSHA’s fall protection standard, however, is the most frequently violated rule in the United States; the agency issued 7,402 citations for violation of the standard in 2015. This illustrates the importance of using recommended construction cleanup services.

Recommended Construction Cleanup Services Aid in Safety and Efficiency

The use of recommended construction cleanup services is vital if you want to keep a job site clean and green. Doing so also saves time and money. For example, if a prospective home buyer visits a site, they are far more likely to make a purchase if the site is clean, well kept and all is maintained in a professional manner. A home is possibly the most significant investment of one’s life, it’s important the literal and metaphorical groundwork is properly laid out. A prospective buyer wants to know that the bones of their potential home are properly cared for and maintained in a safe and clean manner. There are many buyers who insist on seeing the construction site, which legally must be granted.

Recommended construction cleanup services will regularly maintain a site, cleaning as work progresses rather than waiting till the last minute to orchestrate a massive cleanup. Recommended construction cleanup services respect a schedule such that they don’t let waste build up. That’s how additional hazards are created, such as obstacles to trip over or to get caught in equipment. This includes storing equipment and materials in a safe and efficient manner.

With recommended construction cleanup services, all personnel are educated and follow delineated protocol. Expectations are clear and each individual has a defined role. Any and all tools used for the job are maintained and signage is used wherever possible. Trash and recycle bins are regularly emptied so that there isn’t excessive waste build up. Neighbors and the community are respected concerning noise, trash, and keeping their movements constrained to just the site. This is a huge issue, as neighbor complaints can have grave deleterious effects on construction. Without the help of recommended construction cleanup services, you could anger a buyer’s neighbors- to-be—you don’t want to fracture this significant relationship before it even begins. Through being proactive and alerting neighbors that construction will be occurring—as we’ll as providing any necessary contact info, everyone will be satisfied.

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