Real Estate Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Seeking the Best Real Estate Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Are you seeking the best real estate cleaning services in Los Angeles? At Nancie Brown & Associates, Inc. we have provided the LA community, from Santa Monica to West Covina, with real estate cleaning services for almost 30 years. Our experienced, reliable, and professional team of cleaning experts has the knowledge necessary to ensure that your property is clean and well-kept. We operate in and around the Los Angeles County area, to help realtors continue business in spite of the difficulties caused by COVID-19. Even though protocols have changed, and open houses and showings are restricted, it is possible to continue renting, buying and selling homes so long as cleaning and sanitation remain the utmost priority for all involved.

Open House Cleaning for Realtors

Are you in the real estate industry? Have you started the process of preparing a home to attract buyers, to be seen by potential clients or other real estate agents? Do you have a home or property that has just been sold? Regardless of how late or early you are into the process of selling or renting a home, the expert cleaners at Nancie Brown & Associates are here to help. Our professional cleaners like to say that “detail is everything,” that’s why we are dedicated to making sure that your property is clean from top to bottom. Our uniformed teams are all individually trained in detail real estate cleaning services and managed by English-speaking supervisors. We are the top Los Angeles cleaning service choice for professionals in various industries including: interior design, commercial contractors, architects, real estate, and general homeowners.

Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Should Hire a House Cleaning Service

Many agencies and big-name clients know that Nancie Brown & Associates is the name to trust for home cleaning services in LA County. When we arrive at the intended real estate property, whether it’s a family home or a series of rental properties, we strategically begin our detailed cleaning process. We use the best quality green products and equipment like HEPA filter vacuums and other industry appropriate tools.

Our house cleaning services include: 

  • Interior and exterior detail cleaning
  • Indoor and outdoor windows and glass detail (tracks, casings, screens, sashes, and shutters)
  • High to reach areas and chandelier detail cleaning
  • Cleaning and sanitizing countertops, tile and grout
  • Cleaning and polishing vents, metal screens, and gutters
  • Fireplace and chimney detail cleaning
  • Outdoor kitchens, barbecues, and living areas cleaning and detail
  • Spring cleaning and periodic maintenance.

Another reason we are preferred for professionally cleaning homes by many realtors and referral agencies is the breadth of our deep cleaning knowledge. Our house cleaning crew is professionally equipped to deal with special surfaces like imported granite, tile, wood, marble, silver, wrought iron, and other quality finishes. Our floor treatments include stripping, waxing, polishing and conditioning. We also clean and polish vents, metal screens, and clean the gutters. Our cleaning team is fully trained in all areas of surface cleaning and glass. We don’t just use commercial cleaning products in our work, but specially-formulated products of our own make, for a uniquely superb finish. Our crews work quietly and quickly. Every team member is trained by our founder Nancie Brown to be professional and friendly. Head to Nancie Brown & Associates for reliable real estate cleaning services!

There are plenty of reasons that a house cleaning service can benefit real estate professionals trying to do their jobs. Here is just a selection:

  • Market-Readiness: When a house goes on the market, whether it is currently occupied or otherwise, cleanliness is essential. Between photography and viewings, a professional cleaning service can significantly elevate the look and feel of a home for sale, allowing you to command a higher price. 
  • Post-Construction Cleaning: New builds are not immune to detritus and accumulating dirt during open houses, inclement weather, and the like. As specialists, we at Nancie Brown are authorities on the matter. That’s why we advocate for hiring a professional cleaning service to make sure that prospective buyers see the new home as the fresh and spotless show home they have dreamed of, rather than the messy construction site it used to be.
  • A Pristine Move-in: You’ve finally negotiated with the potential buyers and found the One. This may be the biggest purchase of their life. Perhaps this move is in preparation for a child, a wedding present, or even a retirement investment. Regardless of the occasion, a clean home on day one is a wonderful welcome gift. It’s also a great way of increasing client satisfaction while also building a reputation for professionalism among your colleagues.
  • Vacation Rentals: Especially in Southern California, buying and selling rental properties is common. These properties are only seasonally occupied, meaning that it is all the more important to pay attention to invest in a professional house cleaner that can freshen the place up effectively, as well as identify any property use issues that may crop up unnoticed in the off-season. You don’t want to sell your home with non-functional ceiling fans and have your client only find out at the start of summer.

At Nancie Brown, our detail cleaning services include commercial, residential, and estates. If you are a local real estate agent that is interested in our Los Angeles real estate cleaning services to preserve the health and safety of yourself and your clients, then head to our website or call (310) 837-7880 for more information.