Established in 1987, Nancie Brown & Associates has built a trusted reputation in the industry, providing professional cleaning services to businesses, residences, hospitals, and restaurants alike.  Their teams of cleaning experts are specialists in a number of different settings, coupling their experience and training to fulfill various cleaning demands to complete client satisfaction.  Few services in Southern California are so capable.


  •   Commercial Construction Cleanup
  •   Residential Construction Cleanup
  •  Residential Cleaning
  •   Detail Cleaning
  •  Estate Cleaning
  •   Window and Glass Cleaning
  •   Concert Hall Cleaning
  •  Studio Cleaning
  •   Retail Cleaning
  •   Restaurant Pre-and-Post Inspection Cleanup


Trust Nancie Brown For All Cleaning Services

Whether cleaning a work site or a home site, Nancie Brown’s staff of uniformed professionals are prompt and reliable.   Each member of the team is thoroughly trained on the latest cleaning techniques, use the best products for the task, and work carefully and courteously every time.  An English-speaking supervisor is always on site and oversees quality control on each project.  Every Nancie Brown team member has great respect for the safety and security of the worksite, and the particular demands of specialized clean-up, from the roughest construction zone, to the most delicate estate.

Professional Cleaning Service – There’s a Difference

Partner with Nancie Brown & Associates for all of your cleaning services and you’ll never be left wondering about who you’ve hired and what products they’ve used.  Nancie Brown employs there own vetted cleaning crews.   Use caution when it comes to competitors hiring random laborers of unknown qualifications.  Hiring Nancie Brown means you’re doing business with a solid company:  qualified, well referenced, honest, and experienced. Plus they use the finest cleaning products available,  green products optional, and the latest equipment include HEPA filter vacuums.

Nancie Brown & Associates

California Licensed Business Contractor

Substantially Insured

Contractors, Architects, Designers, Decorators, Managers,

 and Home Owners Agree


Contact NANCIE BROWN (310) 837-7880 for a professional cleaning service in the greater Los Angeles area that you can trust.   Inside and outside, they make you look good.

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