Professional Cleaning Crew vs Housekeeping Referral Agency

Professional Cleaning Crew vs Housekeeping Referral Agency: Which is Better?

Residents of Los Angeles and the surrounding area have plenty of options regarding having their house cleaned: many ponder the differences between professional cleaning crews and housekeeping referral agencies, and which is better for their household. Nancie Brown & Associates is a premier house cleaning service that has been cleaning homes since 1987 when it was founded. We have learned a lot about the differences between hiring a cleaning company and getting a cleaning referral through an agency.

Is Housekeeping the Same as Cleaning?

In general, people use the terms ‘housekeeping’ and ‘house cleaning’ interchangeably. However, in technical terms, housekeeping is something performed in the hospitality industry, such as hotels and resorts. Housekeepers who work in domestic residences tend to not bring their own cleaning supplies. They will generally work on a regular basis, such as once a week or every two weeks. You are expected to supply them with everything they need to clean your house. They perform cleaning duties similar to that of a maid service.

In contrast, you can hire a house cleaner to do a single deep clean or for regular cleaning services. House cleaners are more likely to have specialisms such as window cleaning, and will bring the equipment and cleaning products necessary to do the job. 

How to Hire a Housekeeper or Find a Cleaner in 2021

When you have a domestic cleaning job that you want to get done, you should decide if your task requires a professional cleaning crew or a housekeeping referral agency.

A domestic referral agency has a roster of cleaners that they connect with jobs. They may or may not have security procedures, background checks, and the like that they run applicants to their roster through.


Professional cleaning companies tend to employ their cleaners directly, meaning that they are able to provide training to achieve greater consistency of ability.



A domestic referral agency does not supply its cleaners with any equipment or cleaning products, so you will have to check with the referred domestic worker to see whether they have the necessary equipment for the tasks that you require.


A professional cleaning company generally has cleaning equipment and products in their supplies for common tasks and often tasks related to their specialism. For example, Nancie Brown & Associates specialize in window cleaning, so we have specific equipment for hard-to-reach windows, skylights, and the like.


A domestic referral agency has limited liability in the event of an accident occurring or another problem presenting itself with one of their cleaners. Since they are contractors, not employees, the insurance situation is more tenuous.


A professional cleaning company that employs its cleaning staff must insure its employees. Nancie Brown & Associates has substantial policies including vehicle insurance and Workers’ Comp to protect its clients and employees, as well as the company itself.


Nancie Brown & Associates offers the kind of expertise and customer confidence that can only be accumulated by over three decades of business: more than thirty years of satisfied clients. Whether residential clients, or some of America’s most well-regarded brand names, we are committed to excellence and efficiency when we clean, without compromising or cutting corners. Book our professional cleaning service to clean your home today.