Prepare Your Business for Reopening After COVID-19 Shutdown

California is relaxing its COVID-19 lockdown measures, but do you know what is necessary to prepare your business for reopening? Nancie Brown & Associates, the gold standard cleaning company with over 30 years of experience, offers its insight into how you can make sure your business is ready for the public and the new realities of the workplace and public sphere.

Preparing Your Los Angeles Business to Reopen After the COVID-19 Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has underlined the importance of businesses protecting the health and safety of their customers and especially their employees. It is the responsibility of every place of business, whether a shop, restaurant, construction site, office, or other workplace, to take precautions so that they are less likely to spread COVID-19 on premises.

  • How can you reiterate and enforce CDC guidelines for thorough and frequent handwashing? How can you make sure that employees only ever cough or sneeze into tissues or their elbows?
  • What does your business premises currently do with regards to cleaning and sanitation? Does it measure up to the CDC’s new recommendations? What can you implement that will help, and how can your staff contribute? It may be a case of sourcing and stocking cleaning products and sanitizers that your employees can use while at work.
  • You should ensure that your business continues to comply with OSHA’s requirements for employee PPE use, if those were in effect for your business prior to the lockdown.
  • California has requirements for the usage of face masks. Employers with essential businesses are required to supply their workers with cloth face coverings.
  • If your business cannot utilize telework, consider how you can reconfigure your workplace to observe social distancing as much as possible. The CDC recommends that small businesses install physical barriers, change layouts so that six feet of distance or more is between workstations, close communal spaces, stagger shifts and breaks, and avoid putting on large events.
  • Consider how you’re going to monitor the health of your employees, particularly when it comes to COVID-19 symptoms.
  • What will your plan be in the event of an employee testing positive for coronavirus/COVID-19? OSHA has specific guidelines for how to manage and physically distance employees who are exhibiting signs of COVID-19.
  • Make sure that your sick time and paid time off policies are clear to your employees. Discourage them from coming to work if they feel ill. 

The Logistics of Reopening Your Los Angeles Business

It can be difficult to balance the books in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Economic activity has slumped. However, there are resources available to help businesses adapt to these new circumstances. The Small Business Administration has made many resources available, including financial resources, through the CARES Act. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has provided short-term support for businesses seeking to keep workers on the payroll. Long-term, however, it is probably wise to take steps to adapting to these new economic developments.

Small Business Coronavirus Reopening Guide

It’s vital to abide by the state and local governments’ rules on social distancing after your business reopens. If there are restrictions on how many people are allowed to gather in a single place or how close people can be: abide by them. This may necessitate shifting tables, desks, or customer displays. This work should be taken care of quickly so that your employees and customers can feel more at ease knowing you’re taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Another aspect of returning to work that should be taken extremely seriously by business owners is cleanliness. Community spaces such as shared kitchens, cafeterias, and conference rooms must be given particular attention. There are measures you can take to improve the cleanliness of your workplace, such as installing hand sanitizer dispensers near areas such as elevators, doorways, or shared equipment like printers. Make sure that somebody is regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, and handrails. You can also consider posting signage to remind workers to wash their hands thoroughly, to avoid coughing or sneezing into their hands or the open air. Other measures small business owners can pursue include no-touch garbage cans, quality soap dispensers, disinfectants in easily accessible places, and readily available cleansing wipes, face masks, and gloves.

Choose Nancie Brown & Associates for Commercial Cleaning

The pandemic means that everyone is having to take cleanliness much more seriously than before. Nancie Brown & Associates has been in the business of cleaning to exemplary standards for over 30 years. Our list of household clients includes Cal Arts, The Pottery Barn, Mercedes-Benz, Burberry, and the USPS. Ensure that your staff and customers can enjoy a space not only gleaming clean to the eye, but germ-free. Our cleaning teams are all insured, bonded, trained in the newest sanitation techniques, and equipped with personal protective gear. If you want to preschedule our Los Angeles Coronavirus Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing Service, contact us for a free estimate or even a complimentary consultation. The health and safety of our customers and team members is paramount to us.