Three factors make Nancie Brown & Associates a Los Angeles premier cleaning serviceExpertise, Selection, and TrustFor over 25 years, Nancie Brown & Associates has been a full service commercial, residential, and construction cleaning company; building lifelong customer relationships based on their commitment to quality completion of every project.  Founded on the entrepreneurial spirit of Nancie Brown, this Los Angeles based cleaning service has earned its reputation for dedication, work ethic, and attention to every detail involved in a wide variety of professional cleaning services.


Most Expertise in Los Angeles Cleaning Services

The cleaning services staff at Nancie Brown is very serious about performing their cleaning service tasks.  The crew crews at Nancie Brown are highly trained, professional cleaning technicians, employing the finest products and latest equipment available.  The team at Nancie Brown knows just how to clean any particular item so that it’s cleaned properly; that’s the art of cleaning as Nancie Brown & Associates insists upon.  Whether it’s residential cleaning service or commercial cleaning service, their staff works thoroughly, correctly, and carefully.   Green products are always available.


Best Selection in Los Angeles Cleaning Service

Nancie Brown & Associates has a large menu of cleaning services from which to select, and they have the expertise to deliver with skill in all of their specialties.  Few can match the selection of cleaning services in Los Angeles that they have to offer their clients, and they have the testimonials and referrals to document their success.

Commercial Construction Cleaning Services

Residential Construction Cleaning Services

Detail Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

Detail Estate Cleaning Services

Window and Glass Cleaning Services

Pre-and-Post Production Cleanup for Studios

Pre-and-Post Inspection Cleanup for Commercial Kitchens

Theater Detail Cleaning

Retail Installation Detail Cleaning

This is but a sample of the full menu of cleaning services that Nancie Brown has to offer.  And within each category, their expert cleaning crews will fully sanitize, wax, and or polish interior and exterior details as required.


Highest Trust in Los Angeles Cleaning Service

Trust is at the core of the entire cleaning services operation at Nancie Brown.  Trust that the uniformed professionals who arrive promptly to clean will be quality controlled by an on-site, English-speaking supervisor, having over 17 years of average employment with the company.   You can trust that their cleaning services are performed carefully, with respect for delicate and fragile objects.  And trust that Nancie Brown & Associates are not some flimsy operation; they are licensed and fully insured firm, and are an A.S.I.D. member.

Join the ranks of elite clients, including; hospitals, schools, labs, restaurants, office complexes, designers and architects, contractors and homeowners large and small.  Contact Nancie Brown & Associates today, and begin a Los Angeles cleaning service partnership that is based on expertise, selection and trust.

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