Post Renovation Cleaning


Dust. Dirt. Debris. A renovation project can create a lot of cleanup. The project isn’t over until all the detritus is cleared and your home or business is looking its best. Ensure that your structural and aesthetic improvements are displayed in their best light by choosing a post construction cleaning service that offers a proper clean for properties in need. Many construction companies will offer a cursory cleanup after their part of the project is complete. However, their specialism lies elsewhere. It is most often prudent to hire professional cleaners to give the property a final clean before it returns to its typical purpose. Nancie Brown & Associates is a veteran residential and commercial cleaning service that specializes in post renovation cleaning. From Santa Barbara to Big Bear Lake, Oxnard to Laguna Niguel, we apply our expertise for families and residences across Greater Los Angeles and the wider Southern California area.


Things to Know About Post Renovation Cleaning

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Renovation is a messy business, and just because you can’t see the dirt doesn’t mean it isn’t there. A proper post renovation cleaning will sweep from ceiling to floor, inside and out. Power washing the building exterior, comprehensive window cleaning, power sweeping and washing parking lots, walkways, and any parking structures, floor and carpet cleaning, cleaning fixtures, and dusting and cleaning pipes, ductwork, and fixtures. Upgrading a building increases its appeal and value, but it can also be a double-edged sword: the newer materials that are often used in renovations can require different cleaning processes in order to keep in top condition. Any post renovation cleaning team you hire should have the know-how to ensure that the cleaning process does no damage and preserves the upgraded materials. This means using the proper cleaning materials. The cleaning solutions, cloths, and equipment should all be chosen for the job and safe for the materials being cleaned.


Another important aspect of post renovation cleaning that is sometimes overshadowed is safety. The cleaning team will often need to use ladders or other apparatus to reach high fixtures. Appropriate safety equipment like safety vests, hardhats, and work boots are essential. Your cleaning team should be used to working on construction sites and able to adhere to safety protocols. Make sure, too, that the cleaning company you’re considering will be able to coordinate their timing and, if necessary, work with and around other teams. Experienced post renovation cleaning companies have an intimate understanding of how project timelines work and can be flexible in their work schedule. You need team players when you’re working on large scale projects.


How Do You Clean after a Renovation?

a luxurious looking room that is halfway through renovation, with exposed brick wall, ceiling, and floor.

There are multiple steps to a successful building or house cleaning after a renovation. After all, construction dust can be extremely stubborn and invasive, getting everywhere.

  • Clean the walls— if your walls have been newly painted, they’ll need to be dry dusted. Older paint can be wiped down with a damp towel. Towels wrapped around extension dusters or brooms can clean the high places that are out of reach. Walls that feature textured wallpapered or similar material will need to be either vacuumed by the brush attachment. Other wallpapers should be wiped down with a damp cloth once they have been spot checked to ensure they don’t respond negatively to a little moisture.
  • Vacuuming— Carpeted floors will need several passes with the vacuum. Wood, tile, or linoleum floors should be mopped after vacuuming.
  • Furniture— any upholstered furniture left covered in the property during the works should be cleaned with a vacuum’s upholstery attachment. Remember to do the same for mattresses, fabric window treatments, and similar accessories.
  • Light fixtures— unless new fixtures have been installed, they will need to be taken down and cleaned. Ceiling fan blades should also be cleaned.
  • Vents— all air vents should be removed and cleaned with warm, soapy water.
  • Miscellany— wood and metal furniture, ornaments, and other items should be wiped down with a damp rag.
  • Air filters— it’s important to check on the status of any filters in the premises. They can sometimes be removed during the renovation process. Missing filters can cause damage to the whole circulation system. Filters that were left up during the process should be replaced.


This is understandably a lot of work. If the last thing you feel like doing after a long construction project is get down to work cleaning it yourself, there are many construction cleanup services in Los Angeles that you can turn to. But there’s only one which offers top-quality service that you can rely on to do the job every time. Nancie Brown & Associates uses only the finest and safest cleaning products, with a skilled crew that have the experience and knowledge to tackle all types of post renovation commercial and residential cleaning projects, no matter the size.


What is Included in Post Construction Cleaning with Nancie Brown?

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Post construction cleaning can be a difficult aspect of renovations to get right. Subcontractors can cut corners and put businesses and homeowners at risk for liability, damages, delays, and accidents. Lingering construction debris can be unsightly and hazardous. That’s why we recommend hiring only professional, stable cleaners who abide by strict deadlines and deliver quality services. Nancie Brown & Associates’ business model is predicated on the idea that glowing recommendations are the best form of advertising out there. That’s why we will go the extra mile to ensure that your renovation project’s cleanup is a complete success. We deliver excellence in every facet of the task. Our expert, uniformed teams are personally trained by our founder, Nancie Brown, to provide thorough, detailed cleaning services, while carefully avoiding all damages. English-speaking supervisors will conduct a pre-job walkthrough, so that they can establish your priorities, check in on any special instructions, and most importantly, monitor each project for safety and quality. Before the job is declared complete, a supervisor will thoroughly inspect the site before turning the project over, and answering questions you may have. Our quality control office also does follow up calls, to ensure complete satisfaction. Over our more than 30 years of experience, we have established an exceptional reputation among luminaries in the field of construction and renovation: contractors, designers, architects, and construction professionals alike. We can complete projects of up to 30,000 square feet in a single day, with our cutting-edge equipment and large cleaning staff.


When you hire Nancie Brown & Associates for post renovation cleaning:


  • We will provide all the cleaning products we need.
  • You can be confident our vetted and highly-trained staff will take care of your property.
  • You won’t have to lift a finger.
  • You can rest assured that our cleaners will not stop until you’re satisfied.


After Remodeling Cleaning, What Next?

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If the remodel has been completed, and the post renovation cleaning went off without a hitch, you are now hopefully in possession of a much more valuable and appealing building. How do you keep it that way? Simply, by adhering to those same standards that got it looking so good in the first place. Nancie Brown & Associates are not limited only to post renovation cleaning— that’s merely where we made our name. Our services set the benchmark for gold standard cleaners in the Southern California cleaning industry. Our office is constantly fielding referrals from the most exclusive businesses and top homes in the area because our premium detail cleaning services rate so highly. Our staff members are proud to represent the cleaning company of choice for discerning realtors, homeowners, interior designers, architects, and commercial contractors. We can expertly clean special surfaces such as imported granite, tile, wood, marble, silver, wrought iron, and other quality finishes. We can strip, wax, polish, and condition your floors. What’s more, we’ll clean and polish your vents, metal screens, and gutters. If you need environmentally-friendly products used on your project, Nancie Brown & Associates is here to accommodate you. That’s the kind of personalized service our long-term clients have come to know and love from us.


Post Construction Cleaning Service in Los Angeles


A professional cleaning service takes itself seriously. We’re not some online middleman which contracts out to unknown workers and takes the credit but shirks the blame. All of our cleaners are directly employed by Nancie Brown & Associates, rigorously trained, and uniformed. They are protected by our insurances, which far exceed what is required of a licensed California state contractor. Worker’s comp, general liability, and auto insurance are all covered. We are also bonded for your protection. Our fully-staffed office is available for your convenience and prompt communication needs, including urgent requests. In a world of quick fixes and cut corners, Nancie Brown & Associates is The Distinctive Cleaning Enterprise. Call us today to find out what we can do to help with your post renovation cleaning task: (310) 837-7880.


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