Post-Party Clean Up Service

You don’t have to stress over cleaning up after a party. Hire a post-party clean up service to shoulder the load for you. Regardless of the occasion, you can turn to Nancie Brown & Associates, the gold standard of professional cleaning companies in Los Angeles, to return your venue to a spotless state. We’re available pre- or post-party for house cleaning, and can liaise carefully with your party planner and/or caterer to ensure your party goes off seamlessly and stress free. What price peace of mind?

Have you ever thrown a special holiday event and been astonished at the mess left behind? Putting things back in order might seem like an insurmountable task, but we have yet to find the venue that couldn’t be straightened out with a good clean. At Nancie Brown & Associates, a good clean is the very least you can expect. Our staff will work speedily and effectively to restore your venue to its former level of cleanliness. On weekends, or even on workdays prior to office hours, we can be available to swoop in and get your company premises in good order before employees start filtering in.

After Party Cleaning

Any enterprising soul with a trolley full of cleaning products can call themselves a cleaning service these days. However, there’s a difference between that variety of cleaning service and a service that is equipped and trained to deal with a highly boisterous party. What kind of things should a cleaning business be ready to handle after your special event? A typical list of tasks might include some or all of the following:

  • The kitchen returned to a spotless state: stove top, sink, cupboards, and surfaces all thoroughly cleaned
  • All dishes and glassware both washed and put away
  • Any errant lampshades returned to their proper lamps
  • Any bathrooms that were used in the party will be tidied up: surfaces and cupboard cleaned, mirrors wiped, facilities disinfected
  • All tables and chairs, and any other furniture moved or upended for the party, will be back in order
  • All floors used for the party will be cleaned, polished, and put back in order
  • Any trash will be emptied and removed to the appropriate place(s)
  • Any rented equipment, fabrics, or furniture can be taken down and made ready for return

Los Angeles After Party Cleaning FAQs

How long will the clean take?

The answer to this question depends mainly on the size of the venue, as well as the state in which it is left. However, our cleaning teams will typically take around two hours for a standard clean.

Should someone be home while the clean happens?

This is down to personal preference. While someone needs to let in the cleaning team so they can do their work, it’s not necessary to supervise our cleaners while they do so. All of our jobs are supervised by a senior staff member who will liaise with you to ensure that quality control is observed.

Do the cleaning crew bring their own supplies?

Yes, cleaners from Nancie Brown & Associates will bring their own cleaning equipment and products. Our products are of the highest quality, including some of our own independent formulation for the greatest cleaning power.

Are you covered for breakage, damage, or loss?

Nancie Brown & Associates is proud of having extremely robust insurance policies in place to protect itself, its workers, and its clients. We have seven-figure policies for Worker’s Compensation, general liability, and commercial auto insurance. Our professional advice is to always ask to see evidence of insurance documentation before signing on a cleaning crew.

What if I’m not satisfied with the job?

Our cleaners are all personally trained by our founder, Nancie Brown. They are instilled with her business values and commitment to excellent service. In the unlikely event that their work does not measure up to your standards, simply raise the issue with the job supervisor. The supervisor is there to ensure that the quality of work meets both our high standards, and yours. The job does not end until both you and the supervisor are satisfied.

What’s your service area?

Nancie Brown & Associates are available for residential and commercial cleaning jobs throughout Southern California. From Santa Barbara to San Bernardino, San Diego to Ventura, we are known for our exceptional standard of cleaning. We are based in Culver City, Los Angeles, and have cleaned commercial premises and homes throughout Los Angeles County. Agoura Hills, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Calabasas, Malibu, Northridge, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, West Hollywood, and beyond. If you aren’t sure whether you fall within our service area, simply give us a call and enquire. We’d be happy to clarify for you.

Before & After Party Clean Up

Preparing for a party can take weeks, even months, of preparation. Sometimes the date approaches and the venue is just not in a fit state. That’s when you need a pre-party clean up. Timing can be of the essence. If the venue is cleaned too far in advance of the party date, it will have time to get shabby again. When cleaning in preparation for a party, the main party area is the first priority. Floor, carpets, furniture, edges and corners, blinds and windows should all be seen to. Additionally, the kitchen and main bathrooms should also be taken care of. When a party gets out of hand, the hosts might need someone else to take responsibility for the cleanup. Nancie Brown & Associates is always happy to help out with pre-party or post-party clean up. We understand that even small parties can create a workload that is too much for someone to handle alone, especially untrained. Planning and hosting a party of any size is effort enough, without the stress of an impending clean-up weighing you down. That’s why we are happy to offer the cleaning service your party requires, whether it’s at a residential property or if it’s an office cleaning job after a particularly exuberant holiday party.

An After Party Clean Up Service You Can Trust

When it comes to cleaning up after parties and events of any size, what matters is excellent attention to detail. This is a value passed down to every cleaner, from our experts to our newest employees, by our founder Nancie Brown. Alongside pride in our company’s scrupulous standards. Our expert cleaning teams are non-intrusive, reliable, and dedicated to providing only the most exceptional service. Our motto is The Distinctive Cleaning Service, but we take pride in our cleaning teams standing out not for being problematic, loud, or doing shoddy work. Rather, like a well-oiled machine, our teams should be noticeable for how little you notice them.

Nancie Brown & Associates has been in business for over 30 years because we are good at keeping our clients happy. So happy, in fact, that they recommend us to their friends. We have no end of positive references and glowing testimonials for potential clients to peruse. As a professional company that prides itself on its adherence to high standards, it should go without saying that we are fully insured, licensed, and bonded. Our coverage area caters to a great swathe of Southern California. Whatever your job looks like, whether it’s a humble house party or a mammoth corporate function, we can handle it.