Post Fire Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

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In October and early November 2019, Los Angeles County suffered from a number of significant and dangerous wildfires caused by the Santa Ana winds stirring up conditions suitable for fast-spreading wildfires. While to date the LA County fires of 2019 have not been as destructive as the Woolsey Fire of 2018 that destroyed over 670 buildings, including 400 family homes, there has still been substantial grief, harm, and permanent damage caused by the Saddleridge Fire (1 civilian fatality, 8 firefighter injuries, 19 buildings destroyed), the Getty Fire (12 homes destroyed), and the Tick Fire (22 buildings destroyed). Any size disaster that affects you and your family is a substantial one. Nancie Brown & Associates offer wildfire cleanup services that can help those affected get their homes back into good condition for the holidays. We are among the most prominent cleaning companies in Los Angeles, well known for our combination of experience and commitment to excellence.


California Wildfires Cleanup

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There are so many issues to deal with after fire damage to your property. Any service seeking to return your business or home to pre-fire condition must take many steps along the way. A thorough assessment of all damage and conditions should be undertaken before anything, for the insurance company and the safety of the contractors working on your property. It’s essential to address any structural weaknesses in the building, board up and roof it again. This will prevent further weather damage, such as might be caused by rain. The ambient coastal humidity of Malibu can also cause water damage. Once roof tarp service has been provided, debris removal and initial cleaning can happen. All furnishings and possessions should be removed, whether damaged or not. Once this has been completed, damage removal and repair can begin.


Best Los Angeles CA Water and Fire Damage Services 

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The task of returning your home or business to pre-fire condition can seem impossible. Don’t be disheartened. We have some fire damage tips that can help you decide on a course of action. While the process of fire or water damage repair may vary depending on the damage your property endured, there are a lot of skilled and experienced services out there that want to help. What’s important is to not be paralyzed into inaction. After the fire is gone, smoke and ash can remain and continue to cause damage to the structure of your home and its contents. Smoke and soot contain hundreds of harmful chemicals that can circulate throughout a building and discolor materials, sometimes taking only minutes to do so. Stains can become permanent in next to no time. Soot and smoke mixed with any amount of moisture can lead to the formation of corrosive compounds, such as acids. These chemicals can eat through metal (such as might be found in appliances and electronics) or even other substances like glass or ceramics. If left too long, odor-causing compounds can penetrate so deeply they cannot be removed. Methods of smoke and odor removal vary depending on the affected area. Larger building surfaces can benefit from dry ice blasting. Possessions like furniture respond better to special cleansers formulated for the combination of material and type of smoke involved. For a general area cleansing, ozone generators produce a gas that safely breaks down odiferous compounds harmlessly. It even works with odors trapped in porous materials like fabric. Smoke damage cleanup services are ready to rescue your home from further damage.


Locally Owned and Operated

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Nancie Brown & Associates has been operating as a local, independently owned and operated Los Angeles business for over 30 years. We understand that property owners can be incredibly traumatized and distressed by the harm done to their home and possessions. That’s why we prioritize customer service as one of the pillars of our business, alongside our strong work ethic and attention to detail. We will work with you to ensure that you can regain some semblance of normalcy as soon as possible, whether that means focusing on a particular corner of your home that you can occupy while work continues on the rest, or by prioritizing areas that are susceptible to time-sensitive damage, so that we can protect your home and possessions from lasting harm. 


Professional Fire Damage Repair Crew

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Finding a professional fire damage repair crew is essential if you hope for the optimal experience of cleaning your home after a fire. Look for a service that offers HVAC cleaning, soot cleaning, and smoke odor control and clean up. Contents cleaning is also an important aspect. Regardless of the disaster’s size, the contractor you choose should have proven experience of addressing fire or water emergencies. Nancie Brown & Associates have been based in Los Angeles and operating in Southern California for over 30 years. We are highly familiar with the heartbreak and destruction disasters like the Woolsey Fire can cause. We are ready and able to respond to provide California wildfire cleanup.


Hire Nancie Brown for Residential and Commercial Fire Cleanup and Repair


Nancie Brown & Associates is known throughout Southern California for its exceptionally high standards. In construction cleanup and detail cleaning we are the benchmark of excellence. Nancie Brown is fully insured, bonded, and licensed. Our cleaning staff are the best in the area because they are all directly employed by us. We give them the professional training and cleaning attire they need for the task. All of our cleaning staff are personally trained by founder Nancie Brown herself. When we take a job, it isn’t finished until the English-speaking supervisor is satisfied it meets with our exacting quality-control standards. We are ready to provide heavy-duty cleaning for any fire or water emergency in the Southern California area. If you need to get your home or business in good condition again after a fire or water emergency, please call us on 310-837-7880. We look forward to helping you.