Post Construction Clean Up

Common Pitfalls of Post Construction Clean Up

Post Construction Clean Up

Construction is a messy business. None understand that better than construction clean up companies, who specialize in rendering construction sites spotless, usually after a construction project is complete. What is construction clean up for if not to make the lives of construction crew and clients alike easier? Sadly, this doesn’t always pan out according to plan. Avoid these problems that clients sometimes experience by being prepared and hiring only the best construction clean up crew.


Post Construction Clean Up That Doesn’t Measure Up

One of the biggest problems that clients encounter when working with construction clean up services is that the contractor can’t actually handle the scale and depth of the task. If they don’t have the personnel or equipment to perform the job efficiently, you obviously shouldn’t hire them. The best way to avoid this pitfall, then, is to require up front that construction clean up contractors supply evidence of performing well in similar tasks: testimonials or reviews.


Post Construction Clean Up That Cleans You Out

Another common problem people face when working with construction site clean up services is that the cost of the job spirals out of all expectation. Sometimes, this is an unavoidable complication. Perhaps a mess that you thought was merely dust is actually caked on concrete remnants. It could be that biohazardous or otherwise unsafe material has been left onsite, unbeknownst to either party, and needs to be safely disposed of, lengthening the duration of the job and as a result, the cost. You can attempt to avoid this problem by asking about the clean up plan, which will frame expectations about completion time and price. Also, be sure to survey the site yourself beforehand, so you have a reasonable understanding of what needs to be done and any difficulties that might arise. That way, you can prepare yourself and the job site clean up companies you speak to for the full breadth of the task at hand.


Post Construction Clean Up That Doesn’t Have the Goods

You’ve invested heavily in a construction job. You’ve made sure your building is up to code, you played fair with your crew, observed all the regulations and made sure everything was handled professionally and by the book. Don’t drop the ball at the last minute. Make sure you check that the residential construction cleaning services you speak to are licensed, bonded, and insured. Especially on a job site as potentially dangerous as a construction site, you simply can’t cut corners on things like insurance, and working with contractors that do is a sure way of getting your fingers burned. After all, if they’re not honoring their legal requirements to the state, what else are they likely to welch on? Insist on up front evidence of a company’s bona fides before you sign off on a contract. It’s just good business sense.


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