Playa Vista Cleaning Service

Are you in need of a Playa Vista cleaning service for your condo, apartment, or townhouse? The planned community of Playa Vista is one of the cornerstones of Silicon Beach. Built to promote conservation and with an eye on conserving the Ballona Wetlands that they were raised out of, the neighborhood received investment from a lot of dynamic companies, including tech corps and organizations. Belkin, Team One, Fullscreen, and ICANN both have their corporate HQ in Playa Vista, and EA, Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube, Sony Interactive Entertainment all maintain offices in the neighborhood. If you are a homeowner in Playa Vista, you may want your property to reflect the natural beauty of the area. Nancie Brown & Associates, a professional house cleaning service, can help you keep your Playa Vistahome in top condition.

Top House Cleaning Service in Playa Vista & Beyond

Nancie Brown & Associates offers an exceptional standard of home cleaning to the households of Playa Vista, Los Angeles County, and even further afield. We are proud to count ourselves as one of the top house cleaning services available. Our claim is based on several factors:

  • Expertise: Nancie Brown & Associates has been in business for over 30 years, providing excellent cleaning for residential and commercial clients alike. We have learned a huge amount from our work, and passed our knowledge down to new members of our cleaning teams. Our founder, Nancie Brown, still personally trains new employees in our cleaning practices, emphasising detail cleaning techniques but also safety and privacy. When one of our teams starts on a job, they will be methodical. Our strategy is built on using premium cleaning products, including those of our own manufacture. We will be gentle to your home’s surfaces, but tough on dirt.
  • Professionalism: Nancie Brown stands apart from the vast majority of maid services and cleaning companies operating in Playa Vista today. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, with all paperwork available to review. We keep our office fully staffed so that we can take your call and answer queries efficiently. We are available to accommodate priority requests, such as move-out day cleaning for apartments and small homes. Our pride in the quality of our detail cleaning extends to dispatching an English-speaking supervisor to oversee each cleaning team. Their task is to ensure that the team are cleaning your home efficiently, with minimum disruption to your home or routine. When the cleaners are done, the supervisor will step in to ascertain that the work measures up to the Nancie Brown & Associates standard that we require. If it passes our check and yours, we have completed another job successfully and satisfied another client. If it doesn’t, we will return to the task until satisfaction is reached by all parties.
  • Attention to detail: Unsurprisingly, based on the previous two factors, our cleaners are very conscious of the need for attention to detail. Our training prioritizes taking pride in one’s work. That means offering a level of attention to detail that other companies cannot match. Cleaning isn’t about simply doing the areas that can be seen. A clean house isn’t a house where there’s no visible dirt. It’s a house where there’s no buildup of dirt, grime, or mold, even if you go looking for it. Through our 30+ years of experience we’ve come to understand that for some, the difference between a clean home and a dirty one is a matter of personal health, or the health of their family. We strive to ensure our clients never have any cause for complaint after we finish cleaning their property, be it a condo, townhouse, work-live space, or office.  

Playa Vista House Cleaning Service

If you’re living in close quarters, like a work-live space or a small home, you may have a motivated interest in using eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your home. Alternatively, your condo or townhouse could also be home to children or pets who are more susceptible to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as can be found in furniture and floor polish, aerosol sprays used in cleaning, and detergent. We are happy to accommodate requests to use green cleaning products in your home.

Our Playa Vista cleaning teams are skilled at delivering excellent cleaning standards in a variety of contexts. For example:

  • We can clean high-to-reach areas, including skylights and hanging light fixtures such as chandeliers. Nancie Brown & Associates cleaners are trained in the use of specialist equipment used to clean awkward areas that other services may struggle to handle. We come prepared for situations such as this.
  • We are particularly proud of our specialism in window cleaning. If you need high quality cleaning for windows, frames, tracks, screens, or other fixtures, we can provide. We also handle mirrors, glass walls, glass finishes, or even fragile glass used in furnishings such as coffee tables. We use specialist equipment and cleaning products for glass to ensure we don’t leave behind water spots or residue.
  • We rigorously train our Playa Vista cleaners in how to clean and maintain a variety of surfaces that might be encountered in studios, kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas. From standards like Formica, granite, and porcelain to more unusual ones like wrought iron, marble, silver, or others, we will be able to take care of it. Our first step is typically testing the surface to ensure we won’t harm any finish the surface may have. We also clean and sanitize tile and grout that may be found in kitchens, bathrooms, and the like.
  • As a full-service professional cleaning firm, Nancie Brown & Associates provides carpet and floor cleaning. Fabric protection is also available. Your carpet, stone, tile, or hardwood floors can all be swept clean of dust mites, dander, and other sources of dust and grime.

To hire Nancie Brown & Associates for your Playa Vista home cleaning needs, you can call 310-837-7880, or arrange a cleaning job through our website.