Playa del Rey Cleaning Service

Are you a Playa del Rey resident in need of a reliable Playa del Rey cleaning service? The small beach community of Playa del Rey is historically known for some of the most popular surfing in Santa Monica Bay, and its large beachside estates. While the surfing has tapered off, the real estate has gone from strength to strength. It is also extremely close to LAX, making it a useful neighborhood for those who travel for work frequently. If you spend a lot of time away from home and need a local cleaning service to keep your domicile in good condition, consider Nancie Brown & Associates. We are a professional house cleaning service near you with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Best Playa del Rey, CA, Home Cleaning Service

Why do we feel so confident in saying that we at Nancie Brown & Associates are the best Playa del Rey cleaning company? It comes down to a few strong and salient points.

Attention to detail:

All of our cleaners are personally trained by our founder Nancie Brown herself. Our training focuses on establishing an ironclad company culture of pride in the quality of our work. That means upholding a level of attention to detail that the majority of cleaning and maid services out there simply can’t compete with. We emphasise that when we clean, what can’t be seen matters just as much as what can. After all, many people have health conditions that mean buildup of dust, grime, or mold can be highly detrimental to their health. We want to ensure that our customers never have any cause for complaint.


Unlike other house cleaners, we prioritize the highest levels of professionalism. We are licensed California state contractors, with all required paperwork including insurance and bond. Our office is fully staffed in order to answer your queries in a timely fashion, and we can accommodate priority requests. We take so much pride in our professional cleaning services, including deep cleaning, we dispatch an English-speaking supervisor to each jobsite. They will run each crew quietly and efficiently so that we don’t disturb anyone at home more than necessary. Once the cleaners finish, our supervisor will survey the work done. If it fails to meet either our gold standard, or yours, work will continue until it is satisfactory.


We ensure safety and quality in our cleaning procedure. When our team arrives on the job we will strategically proceed using premium cleaning products formulated to be gentle to your quality finishes and surfaces, but tough on dirt. We have even formulated our own proprietary products to optimize the effectiveness of our cleaners. If you have money riding on the expert standard of your cleaning service, for example in the case of move in/move out cleaning, you should go with Nancie Brown & Associates.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

Homes with pets and young children have particular reason to be interested in eco-friendly cleaning, with products that won’t prove to be hazardous to your loved ones. If you want your cleaning service to use green cleaning products, we are happy to provide.

Our teams are capable of cleaning an extensive variety of rooms and fixtures both internal and external. They have been thoroughly trained in how to use our high-quality cleaning products efficiently and safely in order to deliver an excellent clean while preserving the integrity and appearance of your surfaces.

  • We can provide detail cleaning for both your interior and exterior. Communities like Playa del Rey, which experience both the ocean breeze and the higher levels of air pollution from LAX and its associated congestion, can often suffer from degradation of external surfaces caused by buildup of corrosive substances such as salt and smog. We can clean external surfaces and fittings of many kinds to extend their lifespan and improve their safety for children and pets: lights, gates, statues, outdoor kitchens, barbeques, and living areas.
  • Cleaning high-to-reach areas, including light fixtures, skylights, and stucco reliefs. Other companies lack the specialist equipment to safely handle cleaning elevated spots. Nancie Brown & Associates comes prepared and trained to safely clean even tricky areas.
  • Surface polishing and maintenance is an aspect of residential cleaning we take seriously. We are comfortable working with all kinds of surfaces, even esoteric ones such as wrought iron, silver, marble or uncommon metals. We test each surface before we get down to cleaning it, to ensure we won’t harm any finish. As well as surface polishing, we can clean and sanitize tile and grout in the bathroom, kitchen, and elsewhere.
  • Nancie Brown & Associates specializes in glass cleaning. We provide top-quality cleaning for windows, frames, screens, tracks, and more. Our cleaners only use the highest grade of professional equipment and products— much more than soap and water. Whether you need cleaning for glass walls, glass finishes, lighting, or even fragile glass furnishings, we can cater to your requirements. Enjoy streak-free cleaning that removes paint, water spots, and window residue.
  • We also offer carpet and floor cleaning, with fabric protection on offer. Your floors, whether carpet or hardwood, stone or tile, can be cleansed and rid of allergens such as dust mites, dander, and other dust. 

Top House Cleaning Services in Playa del Rey

There are some challenging properties to clean in Playa del Rey. Beachfront home cleaning, condo cleaning, apartment cleaning: Nancie Brown & Associates has handled them all and more. We established our reputation working on construction sites getting show homes and recently-finished condos ready for display to the public. If we can transform construction sites into gleaming backdrops for dream homes, we can do the same for your property. Our company is based close to Playa del Rey and Marina del Rey, and serves the Los Angeles area and surrounding counties. 

You can arrange a cleaning job through our website, or call us to enquire about our services: 310-837-7880.