Office Cleaning Santa Monica

Office Cleaning Santa Monica: Making Work Space Inviting

As it continues its transition from sleepy beach community to thriving city, Santa Monica is attracting top-name tech companies that are gobbling up office space. Not long ago, Hulu, the film, media, and publishing company, moved into new headquarters on Broadway St. And late last year, software giant Oracle purchased a building on Colorado Ave. for $368 million.
These moves mean that the new style of offices in each location will require office cleaning Santa Monica that depends on an understanding of the new normal in working environments. For many companies like Hulu and Oracle, open, free-flowing work environments meant to stimulate ideas and progress have replaced the old school cubicles.
These new work surroundings cannot be cleaned the old-fashioned way. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to the cleaning services of Nancie Brown and Assoc. for their office cleaning Santa Monica needs.

Accommodating the Old and New for Office Cleaning Santa Monica

Despite the shift in workplace design, the office cleaning Santa Monica crew at Nancie Brown knows how to clean the traditional office setting, too. For any working environment, however, there are tremendous benefits to hiring the office cleaning Santa Monica crew at Nancie Brown & Assoc. These include:

  • Improved work performance – When trashcans are cluttered, desks are dirty, and floors are messy, they create an uninviting work environment that has a detrimental effect on job performance.
  • Improved attitudes – It’s a fact: A clean workspace improves the moods of employees.
  • Improved health – The office cleaning Santa Monica can help reduce sick days by creating a healthier space in which to work. Reduced dust, for example, means reduced allergy attacks.
  • Equipment efficiency – Today’s electronics are sensitive to their surroundings. Less dust and grime means smoother-functioning equipment.
  • A good first impression – When your customers see a clean office, they also see an efficient, well-run company.

Count on the Best Office Cleaning Santa Monica Team

The Nancie Brown & Assoc. office cleaning Santa Monica team is highly respected for their experience and efficiency. Much of our success is due to our dedicated and loyal core supervisorial staff, which averages almost 18 years of service.

Each member of the Nancie Brown office cleaning Santa Monica team is personally trained by Nancie Brown to ensure efficiency and consistency in all our office cleaning assignments, unlike some cleaning companies that claim to have expertise in office cleaning but are really just house cleaning services in disguise.

Nancie Brown & Assoc. is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are also a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

So whether you need office cleaning Santa Monica for one office or an entire building, let the experts at Nancie Brown & Assoc. help provide the high quality work you expect.

For more information about our office cleaning Santa Monica services, contact our office today at 310-837-7880.