Movie Lot Deep Cleaning Service

Are you in need of a movie lot deep cleaning service? The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated more or less every industry on the planet to make rapid adjustments in order to operate with some degree of safety. The entertainment industry is no exception. Television and film studios are preparing to return to work, and that means that they will require more comprehensive cleaning services than they have traditionally used. Nancie Brown & Associates, the gold standard Los Angeles cleaning company that specializes in detail cleaning, is the perfect candidate for this job. We have over 30 years of experience providing exemplary cleaning for a wide range of commercial clients, many of whom are household names. 

Los Angeles Movie Studio Deep Cleaning

As a Southern California company, we know the film industry. It is the backbone of our economy and the source of many jobs. Now more than ever, it is essential that movie and television production companies take the cleanliness of their work environment safely. COVID-19 has already cost untold numbers of man-hours to global industry, and given how contagious the virus is, just a single employee bringing it to work can lead to dozens or even hundreds of employees contracting the virus, or at the very least, needing to be tested. With the deadlines and tight schedules that the entertainment industry works to, every hour and every individual counts. That’s why many studios are making additional provisions for cleaning professionals to provide quality cleaning, in anticipation of re-opening.

Los Angeles Deep Cleaning Service

Nancie Brown & Associates has been a staple among professional Los Angeles cleaning companies for over three decades. At home with construction cleanup, deep house cleaning services, commercial cleaning, and more, Nancie Brown & Associates is well suited to cleaning movie and television lots. Our cleaning staff are all directly employed by the company. They are trained in-house by our founder Nancie Brown, including training in the latest sanitation protocols, to ensure that all of our crews offer the same impeccable standard of cleaning and attention to detail whether they are cleaning a house or a soundstage. We will do everything within our power to provide your employees with a space that is not only sparkling clean, but also germ-free. 

Areas of expertise that we can assist with include:


  • Window cleaning— Nancie Brown & Associates cleaners are artists in terms of window cleaning. We test all glass prior to cleaning it, to ensure that the cleaning process will not damage or degrade it. We use the highest grade of professional equipment and products when cleaning glasswork, whether we’re cleaning your home or workplace. Our state-of-the-art equipment for assisting in commercial window cleaning, such as boom lifts, means you can be confident that even your highest windows, skylights, or chandeliers will be given a high-quality Nancie Brown & Associates clean.
  • Floor/carpet cleaning— As you’re probably aware, a poorly-maintained floor can be a trip hazard for employees, and undermine the size and class of a room. In the era of COVID-19, it is especially important to ensure that floors are regularly cleaned to minimize the potential for viral contamination and spread via people carrying it around on their shoes. Nancie Brown & Associates are well acquainted with a wide variety of floor surfaces, from VCT to rubber, asphalt, ceramic, sheet vinyl, carpet, linoleum, and more, and can provide a suitably pristine clean to all.
  • High-tech detail cleaning— We aren’t just house cleaners. Nancie Brown & Associates cleaning crews are professionally trained in cleaning computer and medical labs, movie studios, and other locations with expensive and sensitive high-tech equipment. Our workers are insured for your protection as well as ours, above and beyond the legal requirements for professional cleaning firms in the state of California. You can trust our cleaning staff to treat your sets, servers, and other high tech areas with the care they require.

Nancie Brown & Associates Can Clean the Lot!

Our uniformed and PPE-equipped crews are ready and able to handle any cleaning jobs you might have making your TV and movie locations clean and suitable for use by your crews. We deliver COVID-19 compliant deep cleaning and sanitizing for numerous clients in LA County zip codes and beyond, and are happy to offer a complimentary consultation or free estimate so that we can discuss how we might go about doing the same for your enterprise.