Mirror Cleaning Los Angeles

Smiling cleaner polishing a mirror with spray solution and a cloth


Dealing with a grubby or streaky mirror is a real pain in the neck. They pick up grime and smuts extremely easily, to say nothing of fingerprints. It can be particularly annoying when you’re trying to keep a mirror or mirrors clean at your workplace. Gyms, studios, dressing rooms, restrooms, and elevators can all have a lot of mirrors. It’s never a good look for them to be messy. A lot of cleaning services will offer to deal with your mirrors for you without actually knowing much about how to take good care of glass surfaces. At Nancie Brown & Associates, on the other hand, we have several decades of experience with window cleaning and other glass cleaning. In Los Angeles, CA and beyond we are known as the gold standard when it comes to detail cleaning.


Commercial Glass Cleaning

Hand in rubber glove wiping a mirror with a cloth


Anyone can follow a YouTube video and clean their bathroom mirror at home. But to efficiently and thoroughly clean large numbers of mirrors and commercial windows, that requires experts. Experts who can analyze the glass and windows to determine how to proceed with the most effective cleaning solution. After all, you don’t want a cleaning service that damages your organization’s glass. It would be immensely costly to fix or replace. Check that the service you’re considering is equipped to clean the fixtures surrounding the mirror or glass as well. Frames, sliders, tracks, and more. For the best clean, your cleaners should be using distilled water and white vinegar, or a similar product. Cloudy mirrors can be dealt with by using shaving cream. Alternatively, a combination of rubbing alcohol, ammonia, and liquid dish detergent can be effective.


Glass Cleaning Los Angeles Company

Nancie Brown & Associates is a licensed contractor insured and bonded for your protection. In our over 30 years of experience, we have gained a reputation for cleaning hard-to-reach areas that other companies can’t or won’t. We exercise rigorous quality control that starts with training all of our in-house workers (we never use subcontracted labor). Nancie Brown, our founder, personally trains our cleaners in our core values of resourcefulness, efficiency, and quality. They can handle delicate surfaces with the care necessary. In the unlikely event of damages or accidents, our company is insured to protect you. This sets us apart from the majority of cleaning services operating in Southern California today. Our commitment to high quality cleaning doesn’t end with thorough training. As well as commercial glass cleaner, we have formulated our own products to more effectively clean certain varieties of glass. We guarantee a streak-free clean. If the standard of work isn’t high enough, we will make amends. If you’re interested in hiring us for mirror cleaning, window washing, or other detail cleaning, you can call us at our office on 310-837-7880. We look forward to hearing from you!


Cleaner in rubber gloves spraying and wiping down a mirror