Providing Maid Services in Los Angeles

Nancie Brown & Associates provides maid services in, Los Angeles and the surrounding area. If you’re in need of a truly exceptional house cleaning service, you need our team members with their elite training honed over three decades of success. Home cleaning is a term which covers a lot of ground. Cast your net without a discerning eye and you You could end up with an amateur off Craigslist, who shares photos of your home with her friends on Instagram and forgets to clean the bathroom. Or you could, preferably, engage the services of a professional cleaning company that will give your home a deep cleaning of the highest quality. Cleaning homes thoroughly and efficiently requires investment in excellent equipment, the most carefully-formulated cleaning products, and most importantly, in the best people. That’s the Nancie Brown & Associates formula.

Nancie Brown & Associates is a highly experienced home cleaning service that cleans properties in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding area. Our cleaners are lauded from Beverly Hills to Redondo Beach for their attention to detail and diligence. We are very proud of our reputation for exceptional cleaning and effectiveness. If you’d like to learn more about the kind of services we provide, read on.

Best Maid Service in Los Angeles

How do you find the best maid service in the Los Angeles area? You choose a company that hires all its cleaners instead of contracting out work. You choose a company that has professionally uniformed staff, who are rigorously trained, bonded, and insured. You choose a company that is dedicated to quality control, with supervising task managers on-site to check over the work done and liaise with you to ensure that the property has been cleaned to both your standards, and our own exacting standards. A company that is dedicated to improving and iterating on their collection of cleaning solutions, even developing their own products for maximum efficiency and utility. That invests in cleaning technology to remove more dirt and pathogens from the property. Nancie Brown & Associates is more than just your average maid service. We are one of the best cleaning services in LA for commercial and residential properties of all kinds and sizes. We have worked with household name companies as well as internationally renowned interior designers and architects. 

What to Expect from a Maid or A Quality Los Angeles Home Cleaning Service

An exceptional cleaning lady or maid in Los Angeles goes that much further than a regular cleaning service. Nancie Brown & Associates has a professional reputation it has strived to earn over three decades of commitment to excellence in cleaning. This requires specializing in elements of home cleaning that other services simply can’t claim expertise in.

  • Polishing of surfaces, regardless of the material (wood, concrete, marble, stainless steel, wrought iron, silver, other metals). Your kitchentops, outdoor barbeques, bathroom fixtures, and garden furniture will be carefully cleaned and delicately detailed until they gleam.
  • Floor treatment (stripping, waxing, polishing, and conditioning). A floor that is protected against dirt and spills is a floor that will endure much longer.
  • High to reach areas, chandeliers, and other light fixtures. Don’t put yourself at risk straining to reach and clean high shelves, ceilings, and your lighting. Let the professionals take care of it safely with our specialist equipment.
  • Cleaning and polishing of vents, metal screens, and gutters. Dirt and detritus can accumulate in these areas out of sight. When it isn’t dealt with swiftly, it can have deleterious effects on your home’s integrity and your family’s health, with the proliferation of allergens and pathogens that can settle. A home cleaning service that’s equipped to sanitize these key areas will have multiple highly positive effects.
  • Outdoor kitchen, barbecue, and living area detail cleaning. In Los Angeles, the low air quality means that outdoor furniture and fixtures quickly accumulate soot and dirt. When it comes to cooking equipment to barbecues, this can be a significant health hazard. A thorough cleaning will make sure you can enjoy the Southern Californian weather without worrying about cleanliness.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing countertops, tiles, and grout. With tiling, it can often be tricky to completely sanitize a surface. Pathogens can find a home in the grout, or in parts of the tile where the finish has worn away. Top quality cleaning services, though, can root out the grime and get everything completely sanitary.
  • Detail cleaning of windows, frames, screens, and tracks. Cleaning second and even third floor windows can be a real struggle. Make sure you hire a serious cleaning service with the equipment to get their cleaners up there, clean every aspect of your windows, and get down safely. How many maid services do you trust to do that?

House Cleaning Maids & Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Nancie Brown & Associates are distinct from maid services and even other house cleaners in Los Angeles thanks to several factors. Not least of these is our excellence in multiple fields of cleaning. Our specialism, however, is window cleaning. In commercial and residential buildings alike, glass is one of the first things you take notice of, and one of the most expensive features. A basic window cleaning service will slap some soap on your windows and remove smuts, but they won’t have the depth of knowledge required to ensure that your glass and frames stay in great condition for decades. Nancie Brown & Associates understand that window cleaning is an art— that glass can be delicate, even irreplaceable. Before we begin our cleaning process, we test all glass and only use the highest standard equipment and cleaning products. When it comes to something as visible and fragile as glasswork, Nancie Brown & Associates doesn’t cut corners. Not only windows, but casings, sashes, screens, tracks, frames, and other elements of window fittings are within our specialty.

Deep Cleaning Maid Service Near Me

Regardless of the scale of the job, whether it’s a modest studio or a sprawling Bel-Air estate, our cleaners come with a supervisor who will oversee each project and ensure that the windows, and every other aspect of the job, are clean to our high standards and your satisfaction. We are at home with exotic or luxury interior and exterior features of all kinds. In our more than 30 years of business, we’ve seen it all. From chandeliers to tennis courts, stables, even wine cellars, we can clean it all. We can clean homes across Los Angeles and even Southern California, including:

  • Los Angeles County
    • Bel-Air
    • Beverly Hills
    • Beverly Grove
    • Beverlywood
    • Brentwood
    • Burbank
    • Culver City
    • El Segundo
    • Hancock Park
    • Larchmont
    • Long Beach
    • Malibu
    • Marina del Rey
    • Palos Verdes
    • Pasadena
    • Redondo Beach
    • Santa Clarita
    • Santa Monica
    • Torrance
    • West Hollywood
  • Orange County
    • Anaheim
    • Irvine
    • Laguna Beach
    • Newport Beach
    • San Juan Capistrano
  • Riverside County
    • La Quinta
    • Palm Springs
    • Riverside
    • Temecula


  • San Bernardino County
    • Big Bear Lake
    • Lake Arrowhead
    • Rialto
    • San Bernardino
  • San Diego County
    • Carlsbad
    • Chula Vista
    • El Cajon
    • Encinitas
    • Escondido
    • La Mesa
    • National City
    • Oceanside
    • San Diego
    • Santee
    • Vista
  • Santa Barbara County
    • Montecito
    • Santa Barbara
  • Ventura County
    • Camarillo
    • Oxnard
    • Thousand Oaks
    • Ventura

Costs of Maid Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has one of the highest costs of living in the country. With this in mind, and because of the sizable spread of wealth in LA County between neighborhoods, the upper and lower bounds of maids and similar services vary significantly.

The typical cost of a cleaner by the hour is between $40-80. It’s also relatively common for cleaners to charge by the square foot, or the room. The range per sq ft tends to be between 7 and 15 cents, which can certainly make a difference when thinking about sprawling mansions or compact Koreatown apartments. The range per room can be $30-60.

Choose Nancie Brown & Associates

For the professional cleaning service that’s head and shoulders above your run of the mill maid service, you should turn to Nancie Brown & Associates. Our combination of experience, equipment, and training means that your property will be in the very best hands possible. We get you the best results, with the highest standards of customer service: satisfaction guaranteed!. If you’d like to know more about our cleaning please call us today on 310-695-5545. Enquire about our cleaning plans, such as routine cleanings, spring cleaning, and more.