Los Angeles Window Cleaning Service for Hospitals

  Los Angeles Window Cleaning Service for Hospitals 

Healthcare facilities are interesting buildings. They are designed to be occupied by unwell people. A hospital can host hundreds of immunocompromised patients at once, plus the staff responsible for taking care of them. Yet any space that is occupied by hundreds of people at once can quickly become dirty. Given the vulnerability of the average hospital’s patients, this is a problem that must be quickly rectified. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 100,000 people a year die from diseases caught in US hospitals. There is a lot that individuals can do to mitigate the risk of infection. Bringing and using personal toiletries (but not bars of soap), regularly bathing, washing your hands several times a day. Visitors can avoid bringing babies and young children if possible, not sit on hospital beds, and check with nurses before bringing in food from outside sources. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the hospital administrators to keep their facility clean and safe. Infection prevention and control has recognized the issue and steps are being taken across the nation to reverse this dangerous trend. Issues arise when environmental hygiene personnel are undertrained, undervalued, underpaid, and underappreciated by other hospital staff. These shortcomings put patient and staff alike at risk, as demoralized cleaning staff will underperform in their duties. This is a great reason to trust the cleaning of certain parts of the facility to specialists who are motivated independently and exhibit expert training in their cleaning duties. 

There is a necessity of cleaning the building’s windows so that staff and patients alike can see out of them, and potential contaminants can be removed. So much of health and recovery is dependent on mental condition. It is important, therefore, that patients should clearly perceive themselves as being in a clean environment. All the cleaning effort of the custodial staff can be undone if a patient is looking out of a filthy window. Nancie Brown & Associates can help. We are a commercial window cleaning company and we treat window cleaning as the art that it is. Rather than an onerous task to be hastily done before moving on to the next job, we view it as our calling. Something that can be perfected over time with dedication, experience, and the application of research and innovation. 

Hospital and Healthcare Window Cleaning 

When it comes to cleaning windows, your hospital should know not to compromise on quality. Commercial cleaning is more than just a matter of soap and water. Window treatments can themselves be more expensive than the windows themselves. It’s important you work with a professional cleaning service that will test the glass and use only the best equipment and cleaning products. Your hospital will likely require your window cleaners to have access to a boom lift. Besides the technical requirements, when working in a healthcare environment, it’s vital that cleaners understand the needs of patients and healthcare providers. Qualities like compassion, adaptability, discretion, and organization are all important. Healthcare cleaning services must take extra pains to ensure that patients are at ease throughout the cleaning process. When we at Nancie Brown & Associates are providing window or carpet cleaning at medical facilities, we do all we can to be reassuring and accommodating. The less we intrude, the more effectively we can do our job, and the easier it will be on your patients and staff. If you have concerns during a job, or you want to check in, we always have an English-speaking supervisor overseeing each job. They are in constant contact with the team and can speak to you about any requests or concerns you have. For Nancie Brown, one of our core values is professionalism. That’s why our workforce are all not only uniformed, but personally trained to be glass and window cleaning specialists. 


The Best Commercial Window Washing and Cleaning Los Angeles Has 

We consider ourselves the best window cleaning service in Southern California, but what does that mean? Several things. We are proud of our record working with high-profile clients. Prestigious interior designers, architects, homeowners, contractors, and more have all hired us and lauded our work. We have worked with multiple hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, and other services Los Angeles-wide and beyond. That’s not the only metric we measure excellence by, though. We are also proud of our professional memberships and certifications. We are a member of ASID (The American Society of Interior Designers). We are also licensed, bonded, and fully insured in excess of California state requirements. Liability insurance, worker’s comp, and auto insurance are all fully paid. It is important for our clients to understand that we take our responsibilities as a company extremely seriously. We believe that nobody should expect anything less from a medical cleaning service. Part of being the best also means striving to be better every day. That’s why we are constantly educating ourselves on new cleaning techniques. Why we use exclusively formulated cleaning products to give ourselves an edge. It’s why when we clean windows, we aren’t satisfied with pressure washing the glass and going home. We’re experts, and we know that grime can come back quickly, and worse. We detail casings, tracks, frames, and more. We also detail glass walls and fixtures, including fragile glass furnishings, and both indoor and outdoor lighting. We’re not a standard window cleaning service, that might leave smears, stains, or scratches behind. We’re commercial window cleaning professionals. 

Choose Nancie Brown for Commercial Window Cleaning in Los Angeles 

After more than 30 years in business cleaning windows for clients big and small, we have learned a thing or two about how to keep clients happy. Even after all this time, our cleaning teams are still extensively trained by our company’s founder, Nancie Brown. Our cleaners are all directly employed by the company, not subcontracted or contingent workers like many companies use. Our cleaning teams always complete the job to the exacting standards we have built our sterling reputation on. Supervisors survey the work after the cleaners stop. If the work isn’t up to our standard, the job isn’t over. The great part of training all our cleaners in-house is that we can be confident in their safety training. Our window cleaning equipment is only used by trained, experienced, and insured personnel. You can breathe easy when you know that Nancie Brown’s window cleaners are on the job. Based in Los Angeles, CA, we serve all of Southern and Central California. We can provide green cleaning by request. We are happy to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and use water-preserving methods to reduce wastage. These products are also typically kinder on the skin and nasal passages of staff and patients. Rest assured, though, these measures will never compromise the cleanliness of your windows. If you want to talk to us about cleaning your healthcare facility’s windows and glasswork, we can take your call. Find us on (310) 837-7880. We look forward to working with you and doing our part to make hospitals, care homes, and other medical facilities safer and cleaner! 


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