Insured Cleaning Service

The Pitfalls of Not Hiring an Insured Cleaning Service

Insured Cleaning Service

Do you have a service to clean your office, retail space, or apartment building? How happy are you with it? How much do you know about its credentials? Los Angeles is a big city, and when you take into account the metropolitan area it’s one of the largest in the country. You can have your pick of cleaning services– so why not pick one that you can be confident is insured and has the rest of its paperwork in order? We understand the temptation to go with an independent cleaner that offers a tempting rate, or the contractors with the price tag that seems too good to be true– but take it from us as industry veterans of 25 years, more often than not there are hidden costs just waiting to punish you.

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Short on Paperwork, Short on Principle

Sounds harsh, but it’s true. If a cleaning service has made it out of its first year but doesn’t have its license, bond, and insurance in order, there’s usually a good reason why. Either it’s struggling to set aside the money necessary to get everything square– which itself ought to be a red flag– or it’s deliberately trying to fly under the radar. Why would that be? Possibly so as to avoid liability. With no insurance trail or business license, it can be hard to pin down a company in an emergency scenario such as a break-in or workplace injury. In an industry like cleaning, with its preponderance of un- or under-trained contingent workers, there are no end of horror stories out there. Stories of negligence, oversight, and out-and-out criminality. Don’t leave your workplace on the hook. Only do business with licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning contractors.

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Bond: Licensed to Clean

You hire an independent cleaner to clean your retail space after hours. One day after their shift, you get a call saying they’ve been injured on your premises. Who’s liable? Too many times, the answer is you. But when you sign on a bonded contractor, you’re better protected against this kind of issue. It goes without saying, too, that a company that’s bonded tends to take better care of its workers so as not to raise their insurance payments. That means you get better trained and equipped cleaners. It’s a win for everyone, and more than that, it’s common sense.

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Cleaning Culture

Would you drive a car without auto insurance? Would you begin serious works on your home without homeowners’ insurance? Would you run a business without insurance? Think about the kind of person content to live a life like that. Risky behavior of that type can have serious knock-on consequences, not only for their business but for your property, be it your own business or workplace, or even your own home. After all, cleaning companies handle hazardous chemicals every day. Look for a company with a less risk-taking culture. Look for a company like Nancie Brown & Associates. We’ve been in the business for 25 years and we exceed all state requirements for license, insurance, and bond. We’re the professional cleaners you can rely on.


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