How to Clean Office Windows

How to Clean Office Windows Without Streaks

Do you know how to clean office windows without streaks? Nancie Brown & Associates is a professional Los Angeles cleaning service that specializes in window cleaning. We have over thirty years of experience cleaning windows, offices, and more. Window washing is a more complicated process than you might think: it’s more than simply wiping the window with cleaning solution. It’s easy to clean your windows in such a way that you leave water stains and streaks behind, which can look unsightly and undermine the look of your office or workplace. However, if you follow the tips we have detailed, you can do a lot better.

Tips and Techniques for Cleaning Your Windows

You can’t beat a professional window cleaning service for efficiency and cleanliness, but with the right techniques, you can do a good job. DIY window cleaning doesn’t require a lot of specialist equipment or cleaning products. It just needs a little time and dedication to the task.

  • Choose your cleaning product. You can use a branded window cleaning product, or make your own using water and a little dishwashing liquid to create soapy water. You will also need a squeegee with rubber blades.
  • To begin the exterior window cleaning process, use a squeegee to scrub the glass at all angles, covering every square inch of the glass top to bottom. Horizontal or vertical strokes will both work well.
  • Next, clean a vertical strip of the window, using just the corner of the squeegee blade. 
  • Start at the top and make horizontal strokes with the squeegee, steadily and thoroughly.
  • After every stroke, wipe the squeegee blade clean with a rag or on your scrubber. This will remove dirt and excess water.
  • Continue making horizontal strokes across the window. Try to angle your squeegee so that excess water is driven downwards and not up.
  • Once you’ve finished with the squeegee, there will be a lot of excess water on the lower edge of the window. Use a rag to soak up this water. A microfiber cloth is a suitable choice, as they are lint free.
  • Use a second, dry rag to wipe the other edges of the window, ensuring they’re also dry. It’s important to leave windows dry, for the purposes of avoiding water staining as well as preventing water damage to the window frame.

How Do Professional Window Washers Clean Windows?

Professional window cleaners use the same basic principles, though they do not use dish soap. At Nancie Brown & Associates, we have access to specialist window cleaning tools to enable us to do a great job with hard to reach windows such as skylights, as well as cleaning windows at higher storeys. We test all glass before we clean it, so as to ensure that our cleaning products work effectively on your windows. Our cleaners can work on glass fixtures besides windows, such as:

  • Light fittings
  • Window and door tracks
  • Showers
  • Glass screen doors
  • etc. 

Our service is preferred by designers, architects, contractors, and high-profile clients. We take our professional status very seriously: we are bonded and carry all required insurance such as vehicle, Worker’s Comp, and general liability. If you are interested in our window cleaning and glass cleaning services, you can contact us to book a cleaning team.