House Cleaning Services Marina del Rey

How to Optimize Your House Cleaning Services in Marina del Rey


House Cleaning Services Marina del Rey


It’s great having a cleaning service to make your home more hygienic and safe. It’s also great when you know your cleaning service are operating at their most efficient level. That means you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck, and if you’re happy, that makes the company happy too. How then can you, the homeowner or tenant, contribute to that?


Giving Your Cleaning Service The Help They Need

Efficiency in house cleaning means knowing exactly what needs to be done to do a good job. Professional cleaners can do their own assessment of what a home requires to satisfy the client, but the best way to be sure that you get the house cleaning you desire is to be upfront about what exactly that means. Starting with a consultation with the cleaning service to thoroughly discuss both their capabilities and your requirements is an excellent way to ensure that good communication is established and that your desires are taken into account by the team.


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Protecting Your Belongings

Theft is a common fear of those considering a cleaning service. Luckily theft is rare, especially when using professional cleaners with a company. One problem that comes up more often is that clients will leave things like clothes and valuables around that get in the way of cleaning, and have to be moved. Because cleaners can’t be sure where clients usually keep their belongings, things can get put away in the wrong area, which leads clients to think their possessions have gone missing. To avoid this happening, the best thing to do is de-clutter your home before cleaners arrive. Make sure that your valuables are out of sight, your clothes are in a closet or a hamper, and all of your kitchen utensils are put away. Other things that should be secured or discreetly out of sight are things that could make your cleaners unsafe or uncomfortable. Things like firearms or other weapons, sex toys, or other sexually explicit material. Some cleaners are uncomfortable with things like taxidermy materials. Check with the agency to make sure there won’t be any problems.


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Curb Your Canines

If you have dogs or other rambunctious pets, you know they can be a handful at times. That goes double when strangers, like your cleaners, are in the house without you. Is your pet a danger to people it doesn’t recognize? Make sure your pet is outside or at the very least, in its crate so that it can’t attack the cleaning team or make a nuisance of itself. Lastly, your cleaning team are not there to clean up after your pet. Make sure your pet hasn’t left any unpleasant surprises for them!


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