House Cleaning Services Los Angeles

How to Work Best With House Cleaning Services in Los Angeles


House Cleaning Services Los Angeles


If you’re taking the step to hire a house cleaning service, you may benefit from heeding these tips, gained from on-the-job insights from cleaners around the city.


Clutter-free Cleaning

You’re paying for your home to be cleaned, not for cleaners to wade through piles of clothes and toss them all on the bed. It takes you literally seconds to declutter your house so your cleaners can actually do their job, but a cleaner who doesn’t know where to put things in your home will have a harder time. Of course, if they get it ‘wrong’, then you’ll end up being frustrated with not being able to find your things, and maybe even worried that they’re stealing from you. The best way to avoid these strains on your cleaners and on your working relationship is to ensure that you aren’t making their job too hard. Even if you’re just bundling your dishes or books or dirty clothes together, it will definitely improve things, and save your cleaners time– which saves you money!

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Have Clear Expectations

A professional home cleaning service is not going to be offended by you leaving a list or going through everything you want to be taken care of in the cleaners’ service. On the contrary, transparency about expectations is a great way for your cleaners to ensure that they are meeting your standards. If you’re not sure what’s reasonable or the extent of the work a service is willing to provide, many cleaning services are willing to put together a consultation so you can talk it out.


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Discretion is Like Cleanliness: Next to Godliness

Similarly, no professional service worth their salt is going to be upset that your valuables are locked away or otherwise out of sight. Cleaners are there to do a job and keep in work, and theft is not conducive to either of those goals. To help them out, be discreet. Don’t leave paper money or expensive jewelry out in the open. Some cleaners will let the client know when they’ve had to move valuables, just to cover themselves in case something is not in its expected spot– but if you’re taking care to de-clutter as mentioned before, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you have firearms or other weapons on display, it’s an excellent idea to lock them up for at least the duration of the cleaning session. Other sensitive items that might make a cleaner’s job harder or less comfortable (e.g. sex toys or taxidermy) should also be dealt with discreetly.


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Animal Control

Can you imagine doing your job with a dog barking at or biting you for the entire day? Sadly, some homeowners don’t have sufficient imagination to understand why that might be a problem for cleaners. If you know you have a disruptive animal in the house, make sure it’s either in the backyard, or at the very least, in a crate or other area where it can’t interfere with the staff. It’s not fair to expect cleaners to work while worrying about whether they’re going to be attacked by an overprotective pet. You might know your animal is a big softy at heart– but the people cleaning your house don’t, so take steps to make sure your animals are under control. On the topic of animals, it’s not reasonable to expect your cleaners to pick up after your animals’ toilet leavings– or anyone else’s, for that matter. Unfortunately that does come up on occasion!


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