House Cleaning Services Brentwood CA

Optimizing House Cleaning Services in Brentwood CA


House Cleaning Services Brentwood CA


The value of a good cleaning service is hard to overstate– you can’t really put a price on knowing that your home is hygienic and safe for you and your loved ones. With that in mind, doing your utmost to optimize the work of your cleaning service is highly beneficial.


Time and Money

The amount of time your cleaning team will take to completely service your home is directly proportional to the amount of time you’ve been able to take throughout the week to do housework and keep on top of things. The more tossing clothes in the laundry hamper and wiping down countertops you can do when you have a spare moment, the less time your cleaning team need to spend doing the same. It saves you time and money!


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Let Your Team Know What’s Up

The best way to ensure your cleaning team do the job you want is to be extremely up front with them about what that means. Don’t be shy about talking to the team leader about the extent of the job. If you need special care taken in parts of your home– for example, additional dusting in bedrooms, or detail window cleaning including frames and slides– let them know. They’ll be happy to oblige. The more they know about their expectations, the easier it is to give you service that’ll keep you coming back.


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Go with The Pros

The best cleaning companies are the ones that have all their paperwork in order, from licenses to bonds to insurance. Compromising on any of those can lead to liability in the event of your cleaner injuring themself or other unhappy circumstances.


Secure Your Valuables

While it rarely happens, theft is an issue with cleaning staff. What is much more common is cleaners having to move items, clients panicking, and mistakenly accusing cleaners of theft. The best way to avoid either of these scenarios is to make sure that your valuable items are secured before the cleaning team begin: either put them in a safe or locked area, or just out of sight. Cleaners won’t be offended, it’s simply a matter of making their jobs easier, and putting you at ease.


Don’t Let the Dogs Out

Dogs are great, but lots of dogs get anxious when there are strangers in their homes. Sadly, this includes cleaning staff, who are just there to do the job. They tend not to have reservations about barking for hours on end when they are stirred up, and some may even attempt to bite to defend their homes. Either can be a real difficulty for cleaners, and so the best way to make their jobs easier and maximize the cleaning they can do is to keep your dogs outside for the duration of the cleaning session. If that is not possible, please keep your pets in their crates or some other form of restraint.

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