Home Sanitizing Service Los Angeles

Home Sanitizing Service Los Angeles

Trusted Home Sanitizing Service in Los Angeles

Home sanitizing services are in demand in 2020, with Los Angeles residents concerned about protecting themselves during the pandemic.

Are you interested in finding a reliable and dedicated team that can assist with home sanitizing services in Los Angeles? If so, the renowned Nancie Brown team may be the right choice for you! We are proud to have offered high-quality cleaning services for over 30 years and serve the greater Los Angeles area. Our cleaning projects are never outsourced and are always led by English speaking supervisors so that you can be sure you receive the best service possible

Our home sanitizing service in Los Angeles includes:

  • Interior and exterior detail cleaning
  • Spring detail cleaning and periodic maintenance
  • High to reach areas and chandelier detail cleaning
  • Surface polishing and maintenance (wood, concrete, stainless steel, wrought iron, metals, marble, silver, etc.)
  • Floor treatment (stripping, waxing, polishing, and conditioning)
  • Home sanitizing and detail cleaning to top realtors and homeowners
  • Clean and sanitize countertops, tile and grout
  • Clean and polish vents, metal screens, and gutters
  • Fireplace and chimney detail cleaning
  • Outdoor kitchen, barbecue and living areas detail cleaning
  • Kitchen and pantry detail and reorganizing
  • Home gymnasium detail and sanitize
  • Exterior fixtures (lights, gate, statues)
  • Windows, frames, screens, tracks detail cleaned

Premier Home Sanitizing Services in Los Angeles

Do you believe that your home is clean? Well, many of us take the responsibility of cleaning our house or apartment from day to day but that usually involves wiping down counters with a rag and sweeping up dust. Unfortunately, many homes are not actually all that sanitary. Dust and crumbs accumulate under furniture or home appliances and can stay there for months, if not years. Fan blades can become black with mucky dust that can be difficult to remove, cobwebs go unnoticed in high ceiling corners, and walls showcase dirty fingerprints that become so subtle we do not recognize them even though we see them everyday. These are the reasons as to why your home would benefit from a home sanitizing service in Los Angeles.

Our home sanitizing services in Los Angeles are reasonably priced, comprehensive, and all-inclusive. We make use of high-quality cleaning products and a hardworking team of expertly trained staff members that are dedicated to attaining amazing results. We will help rid your home of germs and other allergens, you will be astonished with how much more clean your home can be with our sanitization team. To learn more about Nancie Brown and Associates, Inc. and our superior quality home sanitizing services in Los Angeles, please call 310-837-7880 or visit our website.