Holiday Cleaning in Santa Monica

Use the Best Holiday Cleaning in Santa Monica

Holiday Cleaning Santa Monica


During the holidays, you want to make your home as festive as possible. But you subsequently have the unsightly task of having to clean up after all the fun is over. Use Nancie Brown & Associates’ holiday cleaning in Santa Monica to simplify your life. With holiday cleaning in Santa Monica, you will decrease your level stress. Holiday cleaning in Santa Monica will free up your time to spend doing more important things, like spending time with loved ones. Imagine children tearing open presents and pine needles all over the floor. Holiday cleaning in Santa Monica will care for it all. There are so many situations that are the cause of some serious messes during the holidays. Decorations break, there are spills and food crumbs, and debris gets walked indoors by guests. But with our help, you won’t have to think about the mess—just enjoying the best of the holidays.


The Best Holiday Cleaning in Santa Monica Will Make Your Life Easy


Pinecones are an excellent way to bring the outdoors indoor, especially since they aren’t hugely prevalent in the Los Angeles area. Place a tray on a dining table or similar area, add candlesticks, and place pinecones atop them. Add sprigs of greenery to the bases of the cones, and sprinkle ornaments throughout the tray.


Make the Holidays Brighter Than Ever with Holiday Cleaning in Santa Monica


Bottle brushes are useful for a number of things. But they can also be used to create small wintery trees of varying sizes and colors. Just add some dye to the brushes and place them in faux snow, vases or centerpieces. Add a single small cube to each base and you can put the trees wherever you please.


Ornaments are an integral part of so many winter celebrations. Use long pieces of ribbon to hang single ornaments that you can place on a window sill or wall. For the greatest impact, use single color ornaments and single color ribbon.


Beautify Your Home with Holiday Cleaning in Santa Monica


Using festive pillows in your home can add some seasonal flair to an area. However, depending on the kind of pillows, it can come off as tacky. Not to mention that you have to store these pillows all year for annual use, which can take up a lot of space. Instead, turn pillows into presents by using wide velvet ribbon to tie up the pillow as though it were going under the tree.


H3: Holiday Cleaning in Santa Monica is How You’ll Have a More Pleasant Holiday


Kitchens sometimes get neglected when it comes to holiday decoration. Wreaths can be placed in a number of places, even the backsplash where you can affix a no-screw, no-glue hook. Metallic hues can evoke a sense of celebration as well, such as tin cups that are excellent for serving Moscow mules as well.


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