Holiday Cleaning 2021

How to Handle Holiday Cleaning in 2021

Are you in the know about how to handle holiday cleaning in 2021? After the socially-distanced damp squib that was the previous year’s holiday season, people are particularly excited to get back into the holiday spirit this year in Southern California. With California’s COVID infection rates down and common sense masking and vaccination measures implemented in urban centers such as Los Angeles, this year’s celebrations promise to be more festive than 2020’s by far. For the sake of safety, and simply because more people means more cleanup, Nancie Brown & Associates is providing guidance on how to responsibly ensure that your business, home, or social gathering space can be clean and ready for the celebrations to come.

Holiday Cleaning Timeline

For smaller family or friend-based shindigs confined to one or two rooms, there’s no need to put together a substantial holiday cleaning schedule. However, if your company is putting on a large-scale party, you may want to start planning how to get things ready a while in advance.

1 month before: deep clean infrequently-used rooms

Rooms that are not going to see much or any use in between now and the party can safely be deep cleaned at this point. Your guests will certainly appreciate the extra care.

  • Dust surfaces: Dust can settle and accumulate rapidly in infrequently-used rooms. The most efficient way is to go from the top to the bottom— begin with ceiling corners, lighting fixtures and fan blades, molding, then work your way down to shelves, furniture, windowsills, floor lamps, and skirting boards.
  • Clean windows: Remove dust and grime from window surfaces interior and exterior. Be sure to also take care of the frames, tracks, fixtures such as curtain rods, and the curtains or blinds themselves.
  • Deodorize furniture: Upholstery can accumulate significant dust during periods of underuse, and develop an unpleasant musty smell. Baking soda spread over the fabric surfaces of your furniture for several hours can leach out unwanted odors, and vacuums up easily enough. If this doesn’t work, a light misting of distilled vinegar will kill the bacteria that feed on dust particles and neutralize odors. Let the vinegar dry on the surfaces, but don’t use too much! Finally, a little diluted citrus juice can do wonders to freshen a room. Lemon is stronger, but oranges have the advantage of being somewhat more seasonal.

2 weeks before: deep clean the guest room(s)

Round the holidays is when people tend to gather together, and this year there is likely going to be a lot more people wanting to gather than previously. You don’t want guests to arrive to find musty or grubby bedrooms.

  • Create storage: Many people are in the situation of using their guest rooms as an easy source of storage space during times of the year when they do not host guests, perhaps for things like holiday decorations. However, guests will need that space for their own clothes, toiletries, and other personal items. Hanging space for shirts, coats, and dresses, as well as drawer space for underclothes, t-shirts, and other items are both considerations to make.
  • Clean the bedding: The safest bet when cleaning up bedclothes is to use a simple non-odored laundry detergent, as guests may have allergies, sensitivities, or aversions to particular scents that can mean your typical laundry soap is unsuitable.

1 week before: clean the kitchen, living room, and bathroom

All of your guests are likely to see your bathroom at one point or another. Especially if you’re hosting guests, it’s important to make sure that they are comfortable in your space. Your living room and kitchen are also going to be highly visible during any holiday parties you may throw, and you will likely be using the kitchen to prepare food for your guests. They will be more at ease if the kitchen is clearly very clean.

  • Bathroom cleaning
    • Scrub the surfaces, including the toilet, sink, shower, and tub.
    •  Dust and mop the floor, including the area behind the toilet.
    • Clean the mirror.
    • Lastly, ensure your bathroom is adequately supplied with toilet paper (and surplus rolls), hand soap, and any other things your guests are likely to use, such as body wash and shampoo.
  • Kitchen cleaning:
    • Clean your stovetop and oven. Oven knobs accumulate a lot of grime and can often be overlooked. Gas-stove burners can also be grimier than might be seen at first glance.
    • Clean your fridge; partly to make more room for party food and beverages, but also in case your guests want to use it. There are likely expired food and condiments in rarely used corners. Be sure to wipe down the shelves, remove the drawers, and wash and rinse them out.
    • Dust and mop the floors. Don’t forget to take care of the corners and baseboards.
    • Dust your cabinets. Remember that as well as the doors and handles, the cabinet tops can accumulate dust and grime as well.
    • Clean the countertops and adjacent walls. Backsplashes are an unfortunate fact of life. Though it is best to give a thorough clean of your counters in advance, you’ll likely find it’s best to give them a quick clean every day until your guests arrive.
  • Living room cleaning:
    • Dust methodically. Much like previously with your lesser-used rooms, living rooms can gather dust in corners and areas that receive less foot traffic. Dust from top to bottom to ensure you don’t have to repeat your work. Don’t skip the baseboards!
    • Wash your curtains and clean your windows. 
    • Vacuum carpets and clean any hard floors. With more feet on the floor, any dirt that is already on the surface is likely to get trodden in, meaning it’s important to ensure that as little as possible is present before the party. Your guests will also notice the difference.

Holiday Cleaning Checklist

When your party is a day or so away, make sure you’re ready for the holidays by running through these cleaning tasks.

  • Do another quick clean of the bathroom sink and toilet.
  • Deodorize rooms quickly with an air freshener.
  • Run the vacuum or duster over the floors.
  • Wipe down your kitchen surfaces.
  • Any hard surfaces such as cupboards, dressers, etc. where your guests are likely to relax.

Of course, if you’re planning significant holiday parties, you might not have time to take advantage of our cleaning tips. Nancie Brown & Associates provides professional Los Angeles house cleaning services for all house styles: from large estates to studio apartments. Whichever holidays you celebrate, we can get your home company ready. Get a quote from us for your holiday cleaning needs.