Hoarding Cleaning Service

Hoarding Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

Are you or a loved one in need of a hoarding cleaning service in Los Angeles? Hoarding can be a serious issue for an individual’s physical and mental health. In broad terms, hoarding is a maladaptive behavior in response to a trauma of some kind. Around one in two hundred Americans struggle with hoarding tendencies. Nancie Brown & Associates is a home cleaning service which can assist families seeking professional assistance with a hoarding situation. 

Who Cleans a Hoarder House?

The nature of the hoarding disorder means that any attempt by the individual in question to start cleaning and throwing away items, even useless ones, causes significant distress. Similarly, family members attempting to intervene may find themselves causing strife out of all proportion. Many families turn to professional organizers or deep cleaning services to handle the cleaning process while the hoarder themselves is absent from the home. This period is often a good point for hoarding remediation to begin.

Clutter and Hoarding Professionals

Nancie Brown & Associates are well-accustomed to dealing with situations of significant mess. Our company got its start on construction cleanup, transforming new builds into homes fit for showings. While hoarding cleanups can feature more in the way of biohazards (food and human waste, rodent feces, bedbugs, and even animals) they are no match for the thoroughness and quality training of our expert cleaning staff. Nancie Brown & Associates only use directly employed, uniformed cleaners personally trained by our founder Nancie Brown. That’s how we are confident that we can continue to deliver the same exceptional service every time. We will liaise with you to ensure that the quality of work meets your expectations, as well as our own.

Hoarding Cleanup Tips

Do you want to try and help your hoarder loved one yourself? There are several steps you can take to make the task safer and easier.

  • Buy heavy duty trash bags: You are going to need a lot of these. Don’t compromise on quality. You need trash bags that can take some abuse. They’re going to get very full, very dense, and most likely, very smelly. You don’t want one to split when you’re carrying it through another room, especially a room that’s already been cleaned. You should also bring sufficient boxes (for storing items that aren’t to be thrown away) and a dumpster (for the volume of trash to be taken out). 
  • Take care of yourself: Unfortunately, in really bad cases of hoarding, there can really be no telling what lies within. That’s why it’s best to wear suitable PPE (personal protective equipment) such as long sleeved clothes and full length pants, work boots, cleaning gloves, a cleaning mask, and protective goggles or safety glasses.
  • Start with a small room: This is more of a personal motivation tip than a strategy. Tackle a hoarder’s home one room at a time, and start with a small one so that you feel a sense of accomplishment having completed your initial task.
  • Treat environmental hazards with caution: It’s not uncommon for people dealing with hoarders’ homes to encounter substantial rot or mold. Both can be dangerous for untrained individuals to deal with. If you encounter rot or mold, make sure that those working in the home have ventilator masks to prevent inhalation of harmful spores. Then contact the experts to deal with it.

Hoarding Cleanup & Junk Removal in LA

If you want a professional hoarding cleaning and junk removal service to take care of your loved one’s residence, choose Nancie Brown & Associates. We take chronic disorganization and create peace of mind. Our company has a great reputation for quality detail cleaning homes, businesses, and other organizations. Let us do the same for you. Book an appointment through our website.