Heavy Duty House Cleaning Los Angeles

Nancie Brown Provides Deep Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Heavy Duty House Cleaning Los Angeles

A beautiful home is a clean home. Living in any space, especially a space that you cherish, means that it’s vital to keep that space clean. There are many reasons to keep your home looking spotless. A clean home is more sanitary and less likely to harbor harmful pathogens. It will also be far safer in terms of vermin: rats, mice, cockroaches, and flies don’t care for clean houses. A clean home is also a home that is having care taken to protect and maintain its structure. Not just its superficial elements, but its beams, walls, ceiling, and floor. Finding and neutralizing issues with these areas means that your home will require less expensive structural maintenance. Lastly, a clean and uncluttered home has been proven to be beneficial to one’s mental health. Your eyes passively taking in clutter sets elements of your mind on edge, as opposed to the relative serenity of a clean floor or table. Dirtiness and messiness, on the other hand, cause mental stress which translates over time to physical stress. Home cleaning is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, limiting the effect allergies and asthma can have on your home life. When you don’t have the time or the ability to give your home the thorough cleaning it deserves, you should turn to a service that provides heavy duty house cleaning to Los Angeles and beyond. Nancie Brown & Associates is available for residential cleaning projects throughout the Los Angeles area.

The Difference Between Professional House Cleaning and Maid Service

Perhaps you’ve used a maid service in the past for recurring cleanings. A maids team can quickly do a superficial cleaning of a kitchen, living room, or bathroom. They might take out the trash, whip round a vacuum cleaner, and dust any obvious areas of grime. However, this is more for looks than anything else. Dirt and allergens can persist in spite of a standard cleaning. Only a quality cleaning company with a professional cleaning team of trained workers can bring you the high standard of sanitation that will make a substantial difference to your home. A professional house cleaning company goes the extra mile with services like:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing grout
  • Detail cleaning high to reach areas, chandeliers, and other light fittings
  • Cleaning exterior fixtures such as lights, gate, and ornamentation
  • Detail cleaning of windows, including frames, screens, and tracks
  • Full treatment of floors: stripping, waxing, polishing, and conditioning
  • Cleaning and polishing gutters, metal screens, and vents
  • Detail cleaning of fireplaces and chimneys
  • Detail cleaning of carpet, upholstery, and fabric protection

The cleaning process is easier and more efficient with state-of-the-art equipment, and custom-formulated cleaning products. We will bring everything we need to deliver an outstanding clean to your property.

While maid services can help you make your home a little more presentable for guests and family, professional house cleaners will make your home safer. Safer for sufferers of allergies and asthmatics, who will appreciate a less dusty, cleaner home. Safer for the infirm, who will be less prone to accidents in a home clear of clutter, a home without areas of dampness or moisture which can degrade the quality of the floor and lead to trip hazards. Safer for everyone, as a less cluttered, less dirty house will be less vulnerable to rapidly spreading fire, and a cleaner, professionally sanitized kitchen will be much less likely to lead to problems of food poisoning, gastrointestinal illness, or other ailments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning Services

Do companies supply their own equipment and products?

Some do. Nancie Brown & Associates uses the best products, keeping up to date on the current advancements in materials. All of our products are tested. Everything is highly efficient, from our European HEPA filter vacuums to our high-quality safety ladders. We only use products we’d be happy using in our homes.

Is this cleaning service insured?

Not all cleaning services are paid up with their insurance. However, Nancie Brown & Associates has policies above and beyond the state requirements. We have a $2 million general liability policy, a $1 million Worker’s Comp policy, and $1 million commercial auto insurance. Using an uninsured cleaning service is risky, as it means you are liable for injuries on your property.

Are your workers subcontracted or employed?

Many companies cut corners here in order to lower costs and maximize profits. Hiring day laborers is a risky practice since it means companies can’t vouch for their cleaners’ character or experience. At Nancie Brown & Associates, our cleaners are all directly employed, meaning that we can instill each of them with our business values, training, and commitment to excellence.

What is special about your company?

For Nancie Brown & Associates, the major distinction that sets us apart from other cleaning companies is that our background is in construction cleanup. Whether you’re getting new builds from construction site state to showroom ready, or helping contractors put the final polish on a remodel, you have to exhibit an extra level of dedication to cleanliness. You can’t cut corners on that kind of cleaning, you have to be methodical, thorough, and take care when working with special items such as lighting fixtures and custom countertops.

What professional credentials do you have?

You can often judge an enterprise by the company it keeps. As well as being a fully licensed contractor, Nancie Brown & Associates is a member of ASID, the American Society of Interior Designers. Thanks to this membership, we are able to keep apace of the latest developments in home design, and how best to cater to them. Regardless of how your home is furnished, we will always be able to look after it.

Choose the Best Deep Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

From Santa Monica to Palmdale, Nancie Brown & Associates is known as the gold standard of heavy duty house cleaning in Los Angeles. Our 30 years of experience have been possible because when we clean a home, we always deliver our exceptional standard of cleaning. We train our cleaners, who are all directly employed by our company to ensure exceptional quality and accountability. Once they receive their initial training directly from company founder Nancie Brown, they will be given their uniform that they will wear to every job. Our employees continue to receive  training while with us, to expand their skills, learn more about using our specialist equipment, and new developments in cleaning techniques. We have a rigorous quality control practice which ensures that both client and company are satisfied with the work our cleaners do. If the job isn’t done to those exacting standards, work continues until it is. Don’t accept anything less than straightforward pricing, easy booking, and excellent customer service. When it comes to your home, the most important place in the world to your family, you deserve reliability and quality from your cleaners. If they can’t show up on time, what else are they neglecting? Rest assured, Nancie Brown & Associates are fully licensed, bonded, and insured above and beyond California state requirements. We can clean homes across Southern California. Our service area includes:

  • Santa Barbara County
  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles County
  • Ventura County
  • San Bernardino County
  • Riverside County

If you’re interested in contracting Nancie Brown & Associates to clean your home, you can call us today on (310) 775-8017. We look forward to receiving your call.