Handy vs Tidy vs Nancie Brown & Associates

Handy vs Tidy vs Nancie Brown & Associates

Residential cleaning is a competitive industry. There are many companies to choose from to clean your home and get it in top condition for your family and guests. Which one will provide the best service, out of Handy, Tidy, and Nancie Brown & Associates? We’ve been in business for over 30 years. In that time we’ve gained acclaim from some of the biggest names in retail, construction, and interior design, so we obviously have a high opinion of ourselves— but we did some research, to help you to make the right decision for your household.

Handy Cleaning and How Nancie Brown Compares

How does Handy measure up against Nancie Brown & Associates? Handy is known for:

  • Offering routine home cleaning, move-out cleaning, and deep cleaning
  • Their online booking portal that they streamline their hiring procedure through
  • Flexibility and convenience in scheduling
  • The promise of background-checked and personally vetted cleaners, who are reliable and experienced

As a company, Handy are generalists, offering home cleaning, installations, handyman services, outdoor projects, even home renovations. They operate in locations across the US, Canada, and even the UK.

Where Nancie Brown & Associates and Handy differ is that our focus is narrower. While they have a jack of all trades approach, Nancie Brown & Associates has been focused on perfecting our cleaning process for over 30 years. We are window cleaning specialists, and have successfully cleaned for some of the biggest commercial and residential clients around, impressing interior designers and architects at the zenith of their industries. We have the expertise, the rigorous training, and the equipment to handle cleaning of all kinds. Whether a downtown LA loft, or a Bel Air estate, we can take care of your property and leave it looking its best.

Tidy and Nancie Brown & Associates, Face to Face

Tidy is a company that trades on its reputation for:

  • Easy booking through its app and online booking portal
  • Flexibility and convenient scheduling
  • Reliable and specialized cleaners

The difference between Tidy and Nancie Brown & Associates is that Tidy structures its jobs by the hour instead of by the size of the property to be cleaned. Tidy will do what they can for your home in the time they are alloted, and then they will leave, regardless of whether the job is finished or not. At Nancie Brown & Associates, we work until your home is clean. Our teams are all overseen by English-speaking supervisors that work with our clients to ensure that the cleaners are working to their precise specifications, and abiding by their rigorous training in safety, privacy, and security. If you’re booking Nancie Brown for weekly cleanings of your home, you can count on your home being clean every week, top to bottom: not just the parts that we had time to get to that week. 

 The Nancie Brown Difference

Handy & Tidy are both proud of the quality of their cleaners. However, they do not directly employ cleaning staff. They only provide the platform by which clients can hire their vetted cleaners.

Nancie Brown & Associates think differently when it comes to cleaners. All of our cleaning staff are directly employed by us. In our opinion, this is the best way to ensure only the best quality cleaners are representing our brand. While we follow similar standards of background checking and security to our competitors, only Nancie Brown & Associates provides the exceptional caliber of training that has been refined over more than 30 years by our founder, Nancie Brown. It is this training that ensures consistency in our quality of cleaning, as all our cleaners must go through this training in order to wear our uniform and be sent out on jobs. Our cleaners learn the three pillars of our business, the secret to success that has kept us going for as long as we have.

Nancie Brown & Associates Business Strategy

  • Attention to detail: Our cleaners provide a level of thoroughness in their detail cleaning services that is unmatched by other cleaning contractors. We have a system that ensures your home will be cleaned and its surfaces protected. We test each surface in your home before cleaning it, to ensure that our cleaning products will not do any harm. Our teams will always complete your clean, thoroughly and safely.
  • Customer service: Rather than arranging appointments through an app or web portal, you will speak to a human to book a cleaning. That means you can ask questions and get answers right away. We can respond to urgent requests appropriately. We can even accommodate green or special projects as required.
  • Work ethic: You would naturally expect your cleaners to be punctual and reliable. You’d hope that they were well-groomed, uniformed, and thoroughly trained. Nancie Brown & Associates offers not only this in its cleaners, but a company culture of pride and excellence. Our cleaners work with care and caution to deliver premium results with the best products for the task. We have won countless referrals from our A-list clients, in main due to the superlative work ethic of our employees.

While we do have our own formulations of cleaning products optimized to work best with our cleaning techniques, our figurative ‘special sauce’ isn’t a secret. We’ve been open about our formula for success for decades. The reason that nobody has been able to rival us in what we do is not because it’s easy, but because maintaining the exemplary standards that we adhere to is hard work. With all the years we’ve been cleaning residential premises, we have worked hard to uphold our business values and deliver the best value Southern Californian homeowners can get.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please call us on 310-837-7880.