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Are you looking for a floor cleaning service near you? Perhaps more than any other aspect of a home or business, a clean, well-maintained floor is vital. Not only will it make the place look better, larger, and classier, it will keep people safe. A poorly-kept floor is a trip hazard for your family, guests, customers, or employees. It’s more complicated than simply vacuuming and mopping. Choose a professional floor and carpet cleaning service to protect yourself and keep your floor looking its best. Nancie Brown & Associates is a Southern Californian premium cleaning company with over 30 years of experience cleaning floors for all kinds of clients, from medical premises, schools, factories, retail spaces, restaurants, and more.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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It’s difficult to beat the look of a well-maintained hard surface floor. There are very few design choices that aren’t improved by one. In addition, a hard surface floor that is regularly maintained is the best choice for a clean and safe working environment. The best way to preserve your floor in great condition is to hire an industry leader to clean it. A company that is rigorously trained in the use of the best floor-care products, with the most advanced equipment and techniques in the industry. Nancie Brown & Associates can ensure your hard surfaces will be restored to a brilliant shine. When we’re choosing a thorough hardwood floor cleaner, we prefer to avoid the vinegar and water combination others recommend. It’s too acidic to be beneficial for the finish on the floor’s surface, and can dull the overall appearance. Instead, we use a pH neutral cleaner that is gentler overall. Rather than leave standing water to affect the floor while we clean a section on the other side of the room, we use a fine spray mister to only moisten the area we are cleaning. We’re not just adept at cleaning hardwood floors, though. We are experienced cleaning a variety of floor surfaces, including:


  • VCT (vinyl composition tile): This fairly modern invention is used primarily in commercial and institutional locales, valued for its low cost, durability, and ease of maintenance. It’s perfect for high traffic areas like retail entrances, cafeteria areas, and schools. We can keep it looking its best, reducing scratches and scuff marks, and removing grime that embeds itself under the tread of thousands of feet.
  • Asphalt tile: This smooth floor covering, made of a combination of asphalt and synthetic resin, was engineered for use in conditions where linoleum fares poorly. It is best used where the floor temperature is less than 80°F, and resists fungal attack, mild acids, oils, and grease. Nancie Brown & Associates is experienced with maintaining this nonporous and nonflammable surface in a variety of situations.
  • Rubber: This durable and microbe-resistant flooring material is hard wearing, and water and slip-resistant. That said, using harsh cleaning products like bleach can damage the floor quickly. To avoid harm, Nancie Brown & Associates can vacuum and use a damp mop for the majority of dirt and debris the flooring accumulates.
  • Laminate: This low-cost alternative to hardwood, natural stone, and ceramic tile does a stellar job of mimicking the colors and patterns of its counterparts, while still offering durability. These are better deployed in homes than public use buildings, but can still take an appreciable amount of foot traffic. Most laminate flooring is stain and moisture-resistant. That said, it’s best to avoid using soap, excessive water, or steam when cleaning laminate flooring. We also advise against using wax or polish on laminate.
  • Ceramic: While similar to porcelain tile, ceramic is less dense and more absorbent. It’s also easier to chip and damage than porcelain. Nevertheless, once glazed to protect it from stains and increase its durability, it is a popular choice for flooring. White vinegar and water makes for a highly effective odor-eating cleaning solution. While keeping your ceramic tiling clean is relatively easy, protecting your grout from discoloration is difficult if you don’t regularly seal it. A toothbrush with a water and hydrogen peroxide mix is often the least worst option in these cases. Nancie Brown & Associates is experienced in cleaning tile and grout for clients of all sizes, from homeowners to swimming pools.
  • Sheet vinyl: Rather than regular tiles of vinyl, it’s also possible to get flooring in 12-foot wide sheets. With far fewer seams to contend with, modern vinyl sheets can create an impressive look. In rooms with considerable moisture (kitchen, laundry rooms, bathrooms etc.) it is a smart alternative to natural stone, ceramic tile, even hardwood. Steam cleaners, oil soaps, abrasive powders, solvents, and wax or varnish should be avoided when maintaining your sheet vinyl. A little warm water and mild detergent goes a long way when mopping your floor.
  • Porcelain: This specific variety of ceramic tile is stronger, harder, and more water-resistant than its counterpart. It can visually mimic a lot of other materials, while being among the most resilient flooring options out there. It’s also highly resistant to liquids and stains, particularly when glazed. It’s also fireproof, as you might expect from a ceramic surface. So long as the grout is well cared for, and a mild dish soap used with water while mopping, it can last for many decades.
  • Linoleum: This flooring staple is made of renewable natural materials and gets its name from the linseed oil that forms a large part of its structure. It is commonplace in hospitals and schools due to its great durability and antibacterial properties. However, it needs to be frequently sealed to maintain its water resistance, and is prone to dents. Cleaning should be done by dust mop or vacuum. Linoleum is susceptible to highly alkaline cleaners, so avoid ammonia-based products.
  • Luxury vinyl: This is one of the most popular flooring types in the world at present. LVF differs from VCT because of its thickness and stronger resemblance to natural materials. A durable but not impervious material. Nancie Brown & Associates like to clean this surface using a two-bucket system: clean water and neutral cleaner.


These are just a few of the surfaces that we are capable of cleaning. Nancie Brown & Associates can also clean concrete, stone and marble floors, even cork or bamboo.


Best Floor Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

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By what measure does Nancie Brown & Associates consider itself the best floor cleaning service in our area? Our cleaners are all employed in-house, rather than subcontracted or day hires. Initially, new hires spend their first period with the company learning how to clean to our standards. Our  professional cleaners are personally instructed by our founder Nancie Brown in how to represent the company’s values of diligence, customer service, and excellence. When we get to work on a job, our cleaners are monitored by a supervisor for quality control purposes, and their work assessed before they leave site. If the quality of the job isn’t up to our standards as determined by the supervisor, they go back to work until it is. Nancie Brown & Associates has been a licensed business for over 30 years, with substantial insurance policies for Worker’s Compensation and general liability, to protect both ourselves and our clients. As well as a business license, Nancie Brown & Associates possesses the required state contractor’s license. We are cleaners with references from our many long-term satisfied customers— you don’t reach over 30 years in business without having a few— and can readily provide our credentials if desired. We have the best equipment around to clean wood floors, tile floors, and vinyl floors, such as microfiber mops, tile vacuums, steam mops, and more. 


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