At Nancie Brown & Associates we employ of our own full-time staff; whether it be our office staff, sales team or cleaning crew and we’re proud to say that the majority of our staff have been with us since the beginning of our company in 1987. The commitment to excellence our employees have is the reason for our success and growth over the years with our employee learning and training with that philosophy in mind.

What many people don’t realize is that many new and inferior cleaning services subcontract out their work to other cleaning companies and may also use day laborers to avoid the high cost of staff and overhead. The danger in this practice is multiple on all levels starting with the fact that when the work is subcontracted out, no one knows who is coming into your home or project nor the level of experience of those working on your project-which could potentially result in loss and injury and insurmountable expense due to inexperience and knowledge of materials and surfaces.