Exterior Cleaning Los Angeles


The fall is perhaps the most visually striking season, even in a city with 284 days of Mediterranean-esque sunshine like Los Angeles. The ruddy leaves, increasingly bare branches, and early sunsets bring out a highly pleasing aesthetic. But there is a price to be paid for this eye candy. The dead and decaying plant matter creates issues for homeowners. Insects and other vermin are attracted, mold and mildew form on decomposing matter, spiders and birds move in to feed, and dirt and grime can quickly spiral out of control. It all adds up to a greater load to be managed for those who wish to maintain the pristine condition of their yard and home’s exterior during the fall and winter. Exterior cleaning Los Angeles companies like Nancie Brown & Associates can shoulder the load and get your yard and home or business exterior’s curb appeal up. We have over three decades of experience getting properties looking their best.


Best Outdoor Cleaning in Los Angeles


gloved hand cleaning leaf matter out of a roof's gutter


When you’re looking for business or house cleaning services that can make the exterior look as good as they do the interior, Nancie Brown & Associates is the discerning individual’s pick. We have worked with some of the country’s premium construction firms, and top designers, to provide meticulous cleaning services for their projects. Rest assured, we provide that same level of attention to detail on all our jobs, big and small, from parking lots to bungalows.


Our services include:

  • Pressure washing: we can offer our precise and careful brand of pressure washing to home and business owners. Whether you need exterior walls cleaning, or gates, fountains, or other fixtures, we are the pressure washing service you can trust to preserve your surfaces and get them gleaming.
  • Window cleaning: Nancie Brown & Associates specializes in window washing and cleaning glass of all types, be it a glass wall, glass finish, or lighting. Even custom windows and stained glass will be treated with the greatest of care by our highly trained staff. We provide special equipment to clean windows and skylights that might ordinarily be out of reach. We test all glass before we clean it and only use high-grade, professional equipment and products to clean glass.
  • Garden furniture: we provide cleaning services for outdoor furniture and cooking facilities such as barbeques, al fresco dining arrangements, and cabanas. We can remove plant matter, grime, and mold or mildew in a way that leaves the area suitable for use preparing food or for children to play on and around.
  • Power washing: if you need your patio, porch, deck, fence, gate, gutter, or eaves cleaned, we can provide our assistance.
  • Soft washing: if your building’s exterior would be damaged by power washing, we can also provide soft washing with our specialized cleaning solution. Our soft washing treatment is perfect for cleaning eaves, windows and window frames, and roof cleaning (especially asphalt roof shingles) without causing harm.


An Experienced Outdoor Cleaning Company


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Our cleaners are highly trained in a process that has been refined over the more than 30 years that we’ve been in business. Building exteriors are just one of the many things we are able to expertly clean. We can also make sure that any statues or sculptures, fountains, other water features, paving, gutters, eaves, and tiling are clean. We can serve free-standing houses, multiplexes, condo buildings, apartment buildings, storefronts, offices, and other business premises.

Why Invest in Exterior Cleaning?


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Los Angeles is a highly popular choice of place to live. It’s the most highly populated county in the United States, with a population in excess of all but the nine most populated states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina. Unfortunately, this density of population brings with it problems. The air pollution is one of these. Air pollution and its related problems cause a significant amount of corrosion or degradation to building exteriors. The annual cost of air pollution amounts to 3% of the world’s GDP, as buildings need to be repaired or replaced. This incredible figure can be mitigated to an extent through simple steps you can take to prevent the deterioration of your home or business premises. Buildings constructed using limestone and marble are especially vulnerable to air pollution, which can disfigure and weaken structures of this kind more aggressively. Calcareous building materials (those containing mainly calcium carbonate) are very sensitive to extremes of acidity or alkalinity, such as sulfur dioxide, a common variety of air pollution, and acid rain, which is formed of sulfuric and nitric acid. These pollutants can expedite discoloration, embrittlement, and loss of mass. Ferrous metals (those including iron) are also particularly susceptible to air pollution. Any exterior fittings on your building comprised of any variety of steel or iron should be regularly checked and painted or if possible, galvanized to stave off corrosion. 


The more regularly your building’s exterior is cleaned, and these contaminants washed away, the less opportunity they will have to react with the material of your building and contribute to its deterioration. Regular cleaning with pressure washers to wash away grime and pollution can extend the lifespan of your building and lessen the need for expensive restoration work. In addition, the unsightly discolored crust that often forms on buildings exposed to air pollution has less opportunity to build up when you hire a company like Nancie Brown & Associates to 


H2: Professional Exterior House Cleaning Services


Why is Nancie Brown & Associates the best choice for a professional outdoor cleaning company out there? We have a lot to recommend us. First of all, we take our credentials seriously. We carry all licenses and insurances required by the state and federal government, and we’re bonded for your protection. As well as our business license, liability insurance, Workers Comp, and bond, we have our state contractors’ license, which offers protection to companies and homeowners that hire us. As a long-running, professional company, Nancie Brown & Associates has a list of satisfied customers as long as your arm, offering testimonials about the quality of service we provide. We don’t use subcontractors or contingent laborers. All of our cleaning staff are directly employed and personally trained by our founder, Nancie Brown. She instills in them the three pillars of our success: attention to detail, exceptional work ethic, and dedication to customer service. With these company values running through our organization from the senior staff to our newest cleaners, we ensure that our reputation for exemplary work is preserved. All of our cleaning contracts, no matter how big or small, are observed by an English-speaking supervisor who can liaise with the home or business owner in order to ensure that both the client and the supervisor’s standards for a satisfactory job are reached. Work doesn’t finish until both are satisfied with the quality of work.


Areas of Los Angeles Nancie Brown & Associates Serves


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We are proud to be an LA-based professional cleaning service. We cater to neighborhoods all across the city, including:


  • Koreatown
  • Westlake
  • East Hollywood
  • Pico-Union
  • Maywood
  • Harvard Heights
  • Hollywood
  • Walnut Park
  • Palms
  • Adams-Normandie
  • South Park
  • Lennox
  • Arlington Heights
  • Huntingdon Park
  • University Park
  • Cudahy
  • Historic South-Central
  • West Hollywood
  • Central-Alameda
  • Vermont-Slauson
  • Vermon Knolls
  • Panorama City
  • Vermont Square
  • Bell Gardens
  • Larchmont
  • Pico-Robertson
  • Watts
  • Westmont
  • Echo Park
  • East Los Angeles
  • Highland Park
  • Burbank
  • Monterey Park
  • Palmdale
  • Torrance
  • Santa Monica
  • Redondo Beach
  • Lancaster
  • Inglewood 
  • Hawthorne


We are available to provide exterior cleaning services for homes and businesses across Los Angeles County and beyond. If you are interested in our services, please call us on (310) 837-7880