Executive Cleaning Service West Los Angeles

Why You Need an Executive Cleaning Service in West Los Angeles


Executive Cleaning Service West Los Angeles


As you doubtless know, working as a professional in Los Angeles means that people place a premium on appearances. That extends to your workplace as well as your personal appearance. Unfortunately, it can be easy to grow accustomed to substandard cleanliness in a workplace– a well-documented phenomenon known as ‘familiarity blindness’. While you may become inoculated to the clutter, dust, and tarnish of your office, windows, or restroom fittings, your visitors will notice them keenly. Living in West Los Angeles, you might wonder ‘where can I find an executive cleaning service near me?’


Detail Cleaning to Make Your Office Gleam


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While your support staff may be able to assist with minor cleaning activities around the office like making sure waste paper baskets aren’t overflowing and giving surfaces the occasional wipe down, it’s not their job to detail clean the entire workplace, nor do they have the training to do a professional-level job. For your health and peace of mind, as well as theirs, an experienced detail cleaning team is best. Working in and cleaning a dirty workplace can be a health hazard. Contaminants like dirt, dust, and food waste can harbor bacteria and other pathogens that will make people ill and necessitate time off work. Professional cleaners are much more capable of working around these hazards without suffering ill effects. Making sure that your workplace is thoroughly cleaned by detail cleaners is good for the entire team, and it’s also good for productivity, since it means fewer sick days.


The Right Executive Cleaning Service for the Job


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It’s clear that a professional cleaning service will improve not only the presentability of your workplace but also the health and safety of you and your team. How to find a cleaning company with the same level of professionalism and dedication that you strive to maintain? Look no further than Nancie Brown & Associates. For over 30 years, we have provided detail cleaning services to commercial and residential clients across LA County and Southern California. We are a fully-licensed, insured, and bonded company, and we’ve worked with organizations like USPS, Mercedes-Benz, Chanel, Cal Arts, and The Pottery Barn. How have we kept our business going for over three decades? Simple: we don’t cut corners to increase profits. Our business plan is simply delivering the highest quality clean possible. We know that’s the best way of getting repeat clients and referrals that will enable us to expand our business. All of our cleaners are uniformed and trained permanent staff members, not subcontractors or contingent workers. This means that we can guarantee an organization-wide high standard of cleaning underpinned by Nancie Brown’s personal training and company values of diligence and excellence. Every team we dispatch is led by an English-speaking supervisor who will liaise with the client to ensure the job is completed to our high standards– if it isn’t, we carry on working until it is. Nancie Brown & Associates have environmentally-friendly cleaning products available for our use on request, as well as the latest in cleaning technology like HEPA filter vacuum cleaners.


If you’re interested in hiring Nancie Brown & Associates to clean your office or professional premises call us now on 310-837-7880, or get in touch on our website: https://constructioncleanup.com/contact/.


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