Deep Cleaning Before and After Socially Distant Backyard Gatherings

Are you in need of deep cleaning before and after socially distant backyard gatherings? As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and families struggle to keep themselves occupied while staying home and observing social distancing, the inclination is growing among many to carve out a low-risk compromise between complete physical distancing and abandoning any pretense of safety. Socially distanced outdoor events between two or more households are on the rise, and are broadly accepted by public health officials as generally low-risk, so long as good common sense is used. Nancie Brown & Associates is an experienced cleaning service with staff fully trained and equipped to clean outdoor areas and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Tips to Safely Host Socially Distanced Gatherings in Your Backyard

If you are hosting a socially distanced backyard gathering for your friends and family, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offer this advice for backyard hangouts:

  • Keep to an outdoor space: poor ventilation is a significant factor in the spread of airborne infectious diseases. If your guests need to head inside to use the restroom, make sure they are wearing a mask and don’t touch anything on their way there. Ensure that there is hand soap and towels on standby so that they can thoroughly wash their hands before returning to the group.
  • Stay apart: the temptation, of course, is to hug friends and family members you haven’t seen in a while, even if only for a moment. The point of socially distanced gatherings is not to succumb to that urge. Avoid close contact.
  • BYO-everything: reduce the risk of contamination by ensuring that every household brings their own food and beverages. Eating food prepared by others is a relatively low-risk activity, but when people haven’t received appropriate food safety training, this can present issues.
  • Keep it low-key: obviously, the lower the number of people invited, the better. You’re not hosting a gala, you’re catching up with a handful of people you haven’t had the opportunity to see in-person for a few months.
  • Advertise availability of hand sanitizer: make sure your guests have easy access to hand sanitizer and other cleansing and disinfecting products. A fun activity for your children prior to the gathering could be drawing signs to make sure people see where to find them.

Cleaning for the Gathering

Another important thing to do to ensure your gathering stays safe is to clean and disinfect any areas your guests are likely to go. In a backyard setting, frequently-touched surfaces that should be given extra attention for cleaning and/or disinfecting include chairs, tables, patio doors (especially handles), gates, outdoor playsets (such as trampolines, sides, and swings) and other patio furniture. These areas should also be cleaned after the gathering as well. A rigorous and experienced home cleaning service such as Nancie Brown & Associates is your best bet for ensuring that you have a safe and stress-free event. We are a great choice for cleaning outdoor kitchens, grills, living area, pool houses, exterior lights, gates, statues, and more. Our highly-trained, uniformed staff will test each surface and object to determine which is the best cleaning product to use to preserve its integrity and maximize cleaning efficiency. Get in touch to discuss Los Angeles socially distanced event cleaning today.