Why Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing for Golf Courses is Important

Do you know why deep cleaning and sanitizing for golf courses is important? After a quiet spring and summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, golf is roaring back into activity as courses open across the United States. With modifications to the standard golf course operations, small groups of golfers can congregate for tee time with mitigated risk. Of course, for this risk to be minimized, regular and thorough cleaning and sanitization is required. Nancie Brown & Associates offers expert teams of cleaners equipped with the training, PPE, and cleaning products necessary to do the job safely, efficiently, and well.

COVID-19 and Golf Course Status

As the pandemic spread across the United States and golf clubs decided to take drastic measures to protect their members, staff, and visitors. Half of all golf courses closed during April. However, they didn’t remain closed for long. As understanding of social distancing guidelines spread, the game’s main bodies in the US got together and devised a set of guidelines to ensure that players could be safer and minimize contact with other players, surfaces, and indoor areas. As the coronavirus pandemic comes under control, the restrictions will become less and less severe. For now, most golf courses are open across the country and abiding by these guidelines:

  • Golf courses should restrict access to communal tools such as bunker rakes, flags should remain in holes, and course amenities such as ball washers should be withdrawn.
  • Individual play is permitted, but no more than 4 players per group. Players should either walk or ride alone in properly sanitized golf carts, unless riders are from the same family. Personal push carts are advised.
  • Practice facilities such as driving ranges may open but must observe strict social distancing and permit less than 10 people practicing at a time.
  • Individual classes and club fittings may continue, where strict social distancing can be observed.
  • Group teaching and coaching should be conducted virtually.
  • Country club houses should remain closed. Restaurants may provide take-out food. Locker rooms, indoor gyms, and other indoor facilities should be closed.
  • Golf shops should remain closed, with check-in conducted remotely.

Reopening Golf Courses with Sanitization Protocols

If your course is resuming golf operations, you will need cleaning teams that understand how to safely sanitize your communal areas and surfaces. Restrooms, kitchens, and other areas that remain open, as well as railings and other commonly-touched areas all require regular sanitization. The procedure requires a more exhaustive, careful touch than typical cleaning. Nancie Brown & Associates’ cleaning teams are extensively drilled in how to thoroughly eradicate virus particles from an area, using products approved by the EPA for sanitization against COVID-19.

Golf Course Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

What sets Nancie Brown & Associates apart from other cleaning contractors? Southern California has many cleaning companies in operation during the COVID-19 pandemic, but only Nancie Brown offers the following features:

  • Fully uniformed cleaning crews
  • Cleaning crews outfitted with personal protective equipment
  • All cleaners are directly employed by Nancie Brown & Associates
  • All cleaners are extensively trained in cleaning and sanitization by Nancie Brown
  • Cleaners are overseen by an English-speaking supervisor that will liaise with you/your representative to ensure the work meets your standards
  • Cleaners use high-quality cleaning products, including those of our own formulation, to ensure surfaces and other items are both thoroughly cleaned and not damaged by corrosive chemicals

If you’re interested in skilled and thorough cleaning of your golf course or golf facility by experienced cleaning crews, contact Nancie Brown & Associates through our website.