Deep Cleaning after Someone Tested Positive for COVID-19 at Your Office or Facility

The coronavirus has created innumerable difficult situations, but one that we can help with is deep cleaning after someone tested positive for COVID-19 at your office or facility. Nancie Brown & Associates is a cleaning contractor with over 30 years of experience. We are the cleaners of choice for the cream of Los Angeles’ designers, architects, restaurants, and hospitals.

What to Do If You Have COVID-19 Confirmed Positive or Exposed Workers in Your Workplace

After considerable research by multiple organizations, it is the opinion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that surface-to-person transmission is not the most common way the coronavirus is transmitted. Nevertheless, it is still essential to take suitable precautions if one of the workers at your organization has been infected or exposed to infected individuals.

  • It should go without saying that workers who are suffering from coronavirus symptoms (a fever, cough, or shortness of breath) should inform their supervisor and go home.
  • Sick workers should stay home until they can fulfil all of the CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation, having checked in with a healthcare professional.
  • The areas the infected/exposed individual(s) used should be closed off, and their workspace cleaned and disinfected. Preferably, the area will be left for at least 24 hours so any virus carried in particles left behind will be inactive.
  • As much as is possible, open outside doors and windows in the area so that fresh air can circulate.
  • Identify which of your other workers have been exposed to the infected/exposed individuals. In the case of critical infrastructure workers, the CDC’s recommended steps to follow are to allow exposed individuals to continue working so long as they do not exhibit any symptoms of the virus and suitable protections (such as personal protective equipment, or PPE) are made available.

Cleaning Up After a Coronavirus Exposure

The risk of additional exposure or infections makes it imperative that shared workspaces should be thoroughly cleaned in the event of known exposure. What is the best way to disinfect a contaminated space? And what standards of cleanliness are appropriate in this kind of circumstance? Many organizations are trying to muddle along and work it out as they go. However, Nancie Brown & Associates has been delivering an exceptionally high standard of detail cleaning since its founding in 1987. Our cleaning staff are specifically trained for this kind of situation, where the thoroughness of a cleaning team can literally save lives and protect people.

Our cleaning teams don’t just use soap and water for every situation. We have an extensive array of cleaning products for different surfaces and materials: glass, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, wood, plastic, granite, marble, linoleum, and more. We even have products of our own formulation, for maximum efficiency and cleaning power. Of course, when it comes to workplaces exposed to COVID-19 we strive to use only EPA-registered disinfectants approved for use against the coronavirus.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

When working on sanitizing your workplace to eliminate traces of coronavirus, our cleaning teams will use all of their rigorous training given by our founder Nancie Brown. Even decades on from when we began working and training cleaning staff, it is critical to our organization’s integrity and reliability that we hold all of our cleaners to the same high standards that we have always worked to uphold. That means consistency in the depth and quality of our training, even as advances are made in cleaning technology and product formulation. We give our uniformed cleaners thorough training in not only cleaning techniques, but also safety and privacy. From frequently touched surfaces in common areas to personal workstations, our teams will work efficiently and effectively to eliminate any traces of COVID-19 in your workplace. We are practiced in cleaning all of the following workplaces, and more:

  • Computer labs, utility rooms, server rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Commercial kitchens and refrigeration rooms
  • Retail stores
  • Studios and production offices

For deep cleaning of commercial properties affected by COVID-19 in Los Angeles County, choose Nancie Brown & Associates. No other company has the decades of experience providing the style of detail cleaning we offer to organizations. Contact us through our website for your COVID-19 detail cleaning business needs.