Cleaning Up After An Office Party

Cleaning Up After an Office Party: What You Need to Know

Nancie Brown & Associates has been in the business of keeping Southern California business premises clean and tidy for more than 35 years, so if you are cleaning up after an office party here’s what you need to know:

Holiday Office Party Prep and Cleanup Checklist

Set yourselves up for a successful holiday party that will require minimal cleaning, by planning properly.

  • Who is in charge of setting up, and who is in charge of cleanup? Make sure you communicate effectively with your colleagues about who has responsibility for what. A chart can be useful for organization.
  • Where is your party being held? Endeavor to choose a location that will enable you to lay out a decent spread of food and beverages. Ideally, the space will also not cause issues if minor spills or messes are made. Disposable party tablecloths are perfect for this purpose.
  • Make sure that areas your party will be held in have been cleaned prior to the event. A good basic cleaning checklist should include:
    • Restrooms
    • Front lobby (or wherever your guests will be entering)
    • Offices
    • Kitchen and eating areas
    • Windows and mirrors
    • Floors, rugs, and carpets

Consider extra rugs for inclement weather, and a mudroom or cloakroom for wet boots and coats.

  • As well as decoration and furniture arrangement to create a office holiday party atmosphere, think about steps you can take to make sure that your party area is as clean as possible during the event. Keep paper towels on hand in multiple locations for spillages and other messes. Similarly, make sure trash cans are available at several points, with replacement trash bags nearby. Recycle bins for cans and bottles are also a good idea. This will mean that those on cleanup duty will have less detritus to clear from tables and countertops. Don’t forget to keep restrooms stocked with supplies like toilet paper, hand soap, and disinfectant wipes as well. Another good way to keep post-party cleaning to a minimum is to put together a cleaning schedule. Ensure that someone (or multiple people) is sweeping the office space and restrooms to handle any unchecked messes, and take out any full trash bins.

Post-Party Office Cleaning Tips

Post-party cleanup is best handled sooner rather than later. This is the case especially when it comes to issues like carpet cleaning, where stains left to marinate for a weekend or longer can become more serious issues.

  • Pick up larger pieces of trash. Items such as disposable plates, cups, and other party items such as tablecloths, empty food boxes, bags, and bottles, should all go into the trash early.
  • Identify and remove spills and stains. The sooner these are taken care of, the better. Many surfaces can suffer discoloration or worse if food or drink stains are left too long. The longer a stain is left, the longer it can take to effectively eradicate it.
  • Take down holiday decorations. Separate them into pieces the company would like to keep and disposable pieces.
  • Clean all floors. Areas of high foot traffic can quickly become dirty in party situations. Make sure you sweep, mop, and/or vacuum.
  • Clean the restrooms. Not all companies are responsible for handling this duty themselves, but if yours is, make sure that after a party, appliances and fixtures have been sanitized or disinfected. Stalls and stations should be resupplied as well, with toilet paper, soap dispensers, and paper towels.
  • Make sure that all other surfaces are sanitized, with disinfectant and sanitizing wipes. Tables, countertops, reception desks, shelves, chairs: sanitization means that bacteria won’t have the opportunity to proliferate while employees are away over the holidays.

Depending on the scale of the party, the mess might be more than is reasonable to expect janitorial services to handle. There are Los Angeles commercial cleaning services available to take care of cleaning up after an office party. Nancie Brown & Associates is one such service. We regularly clean locations such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, retail locations, offices, labs, theaters, and more. Ask for a quote for your office’s holiday party cleanup on our website.