Cleaning Services For Office Buildings Los Angeles

Nancie Brown & Associates Offers Cleaning Services for Office Buildings in Los Angeles

Nancie Brown & Associates offers cleaning services for office buildings in Los Angeles, CA, because we understand that even in a post-COVID world, your office is your livelihood—it’s where you complete work that gets you paid. Without you being productive, your job will suffer. Cleaning services in Los Angeles can optimize your entire work life and how you operate,for you and your colleagues.

What Does an Office Cleaning Service Include?

The first thing to do when organizing your office is to hire cleaning services to do the dirty work. Cleaning services are game changers. You want to increase productivity, which is easily accomplished through office cleaning services. How? For a start, these commonplace cleaning tasks that professional office cleaners can take in their stride:

  • Carpet cleaning: As well as making carpeted areas more pleasant to look at, thorough carpet cleaning can lift out pounds of dirt, grime, and dust that provoke allergies and contribute to the ill health of your employees. Any effort that can make the workplace healthier and easier for your staff to inhabit for hours at a time is worth investing in.
  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning: Similarly to carpet cleaning, regularly cleaning furniture and upholstery can get rid of allergens and improve general health conditions of the workplace, and improve morale. Workers who have visibly cleaner couches, tables, armchairs to use understand that the condition of the workplace is important to you, that you are (literally) invested in their comfort. This can boost their morale, make them more inclined to contribute to their workplace’s cleanliness, and make breaks and downtime more restful for your employees, improving energy levels on the job.
  • Window washing: One thing that is often overlooked by managers and supervisors is the beneficial effects of natural light. Grimy windows can interfere with these benefits, causing significant drops in productivity for want of the cost of a window cleaner. 

These tasks are more in-depth than the typical janitorial cleaning that janitorial services provide, but lack the building maintenance aspects that said services often undertake. Our staff can clean light fixtures, but will not be responsible for maintaining them or performing other maintenance tasks. 

Making the Most of The Best Los Angeles Office Cleaner

After you’ve had Nancie Brown & Associates, top commercial cleaning company in the Los Angeles area beautify your space, you need to start The Purge. Not the movie and television series, though. You need to rid your space of everything and anything that isn’t for an important purpose. The more you rid surfaces such as desktops of little items, the more your mind will be at peace. Consider putting items in drawers and closets. In that case, you must group items, find receptacles for them, label those receptacles. Every receptacle should be efficiently labeled so that you don’t have to open a box to know what’s in it.

Drawers should have their own organizers so everything is easily accessible and in its right place. If you haven’t used something in months, you probably won’t use it in the future, and it can get tossed, which applies to everything from supplies to furniture. If something is gathering dust, that’s a good indication that you aren’t using it. It’s best to adopt a minimalistic style when it comes to decor.

Go paperless. These days, your smartphone has scanning apps for all your documents—you don’t need an actual scanner. A lot of these apps even have OCR software so that you can search documents. Not only is it huge space saver, but you’re creating a more secure system, and your documents will be easier to find and search for. Add tags to items, add passwords, and file them properly on your computer. Think of all the space and hassle you’ll save simply from going digital. The initial act of scanning items will incur a time commitment, but you’ll find that this is well worth the time—especially if your office suffers a fire or theft. If there are papers that you can’t digitize because they must be dealt with at the time, have a box or tray where those papers can live.

Top Commercial Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

Nancie Brown & Associates has been providing top quality detail and deep cleaning services to the Los Angeles area (and surrounding areas in Southern California) for over thirty years. Book your first cleaning crew today.