Cleaning Service for Studios

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A video production studio has a lot of people coming and going, to say nothing of equipment. Keeping the place tidy is not only valuable because it keeps the staff happy, it also keeps them safe from workplace accidents and other potential health hazards. There are benefits for condition of the sensitive film and audio equipment as well. To maintain a great standard of cleanliness in your studio, you need more than just a single employee doing a cursory clean at the end of the day– you need a professional cleaning service. Read on to learn more about how they can make all the difference.


Professional Studio Cleaners


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What does a professional studio cleaning service look like? First and most importantly, they look like a company that has done this before and has a laundry list of satisfied clients. Secondly, you want to find a company with a specialism in detail cleaning to be sure that you’re getting the thorough job that’s going to keep your workspace hygienic and safe and minimize contaminants like dust and mold that can affect the performance of expensive equipment. You want your carpets and all floor surfaces to be catered to and pressure washed when necessary. Glass surfaces should be cleaned until sparkling, to say nothing of their attendant casings, tracks, screens, and frames. Your industrial and tech facilities should be treated with especial care and attention, and any food preparation facilities detailed to prevent vermin and unpleasant odors from taking root. And of course, any professional cleaning service should be equipped with the latest in cleaning equipment and products to ensure an efficient clean that is safe for your staff.


Using Nancie Brown & Associates

Nancie Brown & Associates is an immensely experienced cleaning contractor, with over 30 years of professional experience working for commercial and residential clients alike. Based in Southern California as we are, we have a great deal of experience working with studios to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in their workplaces. To ensure that we provide the best cleaning possible, we also maintain high standards within our organization. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. All of our cleaners are uniformed and employees, not subcontractors or contingent workers. Our founder, Nancie Brown, personally trains all of our cleaning staff, instilling in them the values that have governed our company since the day it was founded: diligence, excellence, and accountability. To ensure these values are adhered to, all of our jobs are supervised by an English-speaking onsite supervisor, who regulates quality control and liaises with the client. We also invest in the highest quality cleaning equipment and products, including making our own proprietary line formulated for the perfect balance between cleaning power and OSHA compliance. We even offer green products when they are requested.


If you need a cleaning service for studios, Nancie Brown & Associates is the industry gold standard. Learn more about our services and how we can help you here:


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