Cleaning Service for Work-Live Spaces

Cleaning Service for Work-Live Spaces

Nancie Brown & Associates is one of the first professional cleaning services for work-live spaces in Southern California. The proliferation of work-live spaces is one of the fastest-growing residential trends. It’s expected that in 2021 35% of apartment properties will be zoned for mixed use: commercial, retail, and residential, all in one building. Entrepreneurs and employees alike are plumping for expense-sharing arrangements that incorporate bedroom/bathroom suites while sharing a laundry and luxury kitchen. The people drawn to these real estate options prioritize efficiency and economy, and this extends to their cleaning solutions as well. Nancie Brown & Associates is a commercial cleaning service in Los Angeles with over 30 years of professional office cleaning and residential cleaning experience.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Nancie Brown & Associates has offered apartment and house cleaning services for decades. We are cleaning professionals, comfortable with both regular cleaning jobs to guarantee a high standard of general cleanliness for a living space, as well as deep cleans for situations such as moving in and moving out of apartments, including complete sanitization of the kitchen and bathroom. With our premium cleaning supplies (including those of our own proprietary make) we can provide the very best standards in cleaning, including:

  • Surface polishing for stainless steel, marble, wood, concrete, wrought iron, silver etc.
  • Floor treatment, from stripping and waxing to polishing and conditioning
  • Cleaning and sanitizing tiles, countertops, and grout
  • Detail cleaning of windows, frames, screens, and tracks, as well as interior glass such as showers, glass walls, and glass finishes (even fragile examples)

Office Cleaning Services

Nancie Brown & Associates offers its expertise as an office cleaning business to benefit work-live spaces. Our detail cleaning expertise gives us an edge over the typical janitorial services and office cleaning companies. For more than 30 years, we have worked around fragile equipment, using the correct cleaning products (including green cleaning products) to avoid OSHA liability and damages which can impede the productivity of your business. As well as computer rooms and labs, we’re also capable of cleaning commercial kitchens, detail cleaning prior to (and post) events, and preparing restaurants and similar spaces for inspections. Notable clients include USPS, Chanel, Burberry, Mercedes-Benz, Cal Arts, and more.

Nancie Brown & Associates Cleans Work-Live Spaces

In spaces where people both live and work, the importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated. It’s absolutely necessary to keep the workplace tidy and healthy in order not to jeopardize workers’ health. Customers and clients will appreciate the effort as well. A clean workspace reflects the values of the company, creating a good impression for all who see it. The better condition a workplace is in, the more productive workers are likely to be.

Why choose Nancie Brown & Associates? Asides from our more than 30 years of gold-standard cleaning experience, we take our status as professionals seriously. Our service is fully insured, licensed, and bonded to protect our employees, clients, and ourselves. All of our cleaning teams are directly employed by our company. We never use indigent workers or subcontractors. Our cleaners are uniformed and must abide by the strictest standards of behavior regarding safety and privacy. Each one has been personally trained by our founder Nancie Brown in our cleaning techniques. This personal touch is how we ensure the continuity of our high standards, and the passing down of the skills and values essential to our smooth running.

When a team arrives on site, they will be monitored by an English-speaking supervisor. The supervisor’s task is to oversee the team, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that all cleaning is performed efficiently and professionally. The work will be inspected once the cleaners are finished, to ensure it meets both our high standards, and yours. If you are not able to attend at the same time the cleaning work is going on, that is not a problem. All clients receive a call from our quality control office after work has been completed. This is how we can confirm your satisfaction.

Still the Best Cleaning Company in Southern California After Over 30 Years

As a commercial cleaning company, Nancie Brown & Associates is founded on three pillars. These three guiding principles have led us to success for decades.

  • Work ethic: As well as the punctuality and reliability you’d expect as standard from your cleaners, every single one of our cleaners is well-groomed, uniformed, and thoroughly trained. They take pride in their work, using the best products for the task and working with care and caution to deliver premium results. We have received countless referrals from our many A-list clients thanks to the incredible work ethic of our employees, values passed down by our founder.
  • Customer service: Our office is staffed to ensure we can take your call and promptly answer your questions, rather than waiting to be contacted through our web portal or fobbed off with a pre-recorded message. We are able to respond to urgent requests, and can even accommodate green projects.
  • Attention to detail: We specialize in providing thorough detail cleaning with a level of attention to detail that other cleaning contractors cannot match. Our systematic approach to cleaning ensures that we protect your premises. We test surfaces with our cleaning products to ensure that they won’t degrade your surfaces’ integrity. In particular, all of our cleaning staff are trained specialists in window cleaning. You can count on our teams to complete your clean both thoroughly and safely.

Call us on 310-837-7880 to arrange a cleaning at your convenience. Your work-live space needs twice the cleaning a typical work or living space would. That’s why you should hire a cleaning service twice as hard-working as our competitors.