Cleaning High Traffic Indoor Spaces

How Nancie Brown & Associates Cleans High Traffic Indoor Spaces

For over thirty years now, Nancie Brown & Associates has cleaned high traffic indoor spaces at hospitals, retail centers, theaters, schools, restaurants, and more. We understand the frustration that homeowners and business managers feel when they enter their building and see telltale signs of high foot traffic: dirt and debris, wear and tear, litter, and worse. It can seem like an endless task to keep these high traffic areas in presentable condition. Now more than ever, though, there is pressure to keep these areas clean so as to ease people’s minds about contamination. Nancie Brown & Associates is a professional cleaning company that offers residential and commercial clients gold-standard cleaning services in the Southern California area.

Keeping Floors Clean During Heavy Foot Traffic

Maybe you’re getting more foot traffic now that the lockdowns have eased. Maybe your building has seasonally high foot traffic that you need to mitigate. People are always going to track some amount of dirt into your home or business, but you have a degree of control over how much and the effect it has. Here are some steps that Nancie Brown & Associates recommends:

  1. Before your guests/customers even enter, you can reduce the dirt that you have to deal with. Doormats at every entryway into your building can have several positive effects: they can add to the aesthetic of your home or business, they can signal to incoming people the importance of wiping their feet before they enter, and of course, they can catch dirt before it becomes a problem. The best mats for the job have fiber or rubber bristles, that catch dirt effectively and are easier to clean.
  2. Once guests have wiped their feet and entered, you should next have a large area rug for them to walk on and catch any remaining dirt shaken loose but not caught by the outdoor mat. The best type of rug to use in this area is an absorbent, dark-colored rug with a non-skid backing (rubber works well). This type of rug will absorb a lot of dirt before requiring cleaning.
  3. The next step is typically only possible at residential properties: removing shoes. This is the single most effective means of preventing dirt being tracked into your home. Even if you don’t particularly want your guests to feel obliged to remove their shoes, simply abiding by this rule yourself will make a huge difference to the amount of dirt carried into your home. If you are feeling particularly fastidious, you can have a basin where shoes can be sprayed with freshener or disinfectant, for cleaning and disinfection. It’s a good idea to keep a small towel for the purposes of wiping down shoes and mopping up any rainwater or other spills in or under this same basin. This is especially true of buildings that have pets walking in and out: they are notoriously bad at remembering to wipe their paws before coming indoors.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility’s Floors

Whether your building has hardwood floors, carpet, tile, vinyl, or another material, Nancie Brown & Associates are able to deal with it, cleaning your high traffic indoor spaces. Entryways, restrooms, kitchens: anywhere that is a nexus of activity of one form or another in your building is likely to show greater wear and tear than others, and accumulate more dirt. We will assess your home or business and determine the areas of greater traffic, and pay particular attention to cleaning in those areas. Our strategy will differ depending on the surface you want cleaned:

  • Carpet: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend a shortlist of approved carpet cleaning and disinfection products. Dealing with carpet stains from dirt can be difficult to do effectively depending on the type of carpet you’re dealing with. Nancie Brown & Associates are professional and experienced carpet cleaners who can lift stains and accumulated dirt from carpet fibers without putting undue wear and tear on the material. It’s important to bear in mind that letting dirt remain in your carpets for too long will also affect the carpet’s condition. There are home remedies for carpet stain, such as white vinegar and baking soda, but these often take many hours to be effective. When you need rapid results, commercial carpet cleaning products can be more efficient. Nancie Brown & Associates also produces its own formulated cleaning products, designed so as to best complement the company’s cleaning methods.
  • Hardwood Floors: Cleaning a hardwood floor is a two-step process. First, clear the area of dust with a dust mop or floor-brush vacuum cleaner to get rid of basic grime. Second, use a liquid cleaner to dislodge ground-in dirt. You can make your own with a combination of white vinegar, warm water, and a few drops of soap, or you can use a commercial product. Wring out your mop/rag/cleaning tool, then mop with sparing amounts of liquid. Go over it again to pick up remaining liquid and dislodged dirt, then a third and final pass with a dry cloth or paper towels to remove any remaining moisture. Leaving water or cleaner on the floor can damage the wood over time.
  • Tile: Different types of tile require different approaches. Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be tackled with any mild detergent, so long as you quickly clean up and dry the tiles before standing water leaves stains. Stone tiles, such as marble or granite, are vulnerable to acidic cleaning products. Use a pH-neutral detergent, and particularly with marble, avoid stiff-bristled brushes or any other tools that could potentially scratch the surfaces.
  • Vinyl: There are specific cleaning products made to help clean vinyl flooring, or you can simply use water and vinegar. Make sure to pass over first with a broom or vacuum to get rid of the initial debris, and avoid abrasive cleaners that can harm the flooring material.

For a professional take on cleaning of high traffic areas, trust Nancie Brown & Associates. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.