Cleaning Hard to Reach Areas of a Home


You’re very proud of your home. It looks just how you wanted it to after you carefully selected each piece of furniture, down to every last drape and tchotchke. But now that it looks this beautiful, how do you keep it this way? Dust and dirt are going to accumulate, and how are you meant to even reach some of these places, much less clean them? A maid service can only do so much. You should look into professional cleaning services. Nancie Brown & Associates is one of the foremost residential cleaning services in Los Angeles. You can count on us when it comes to cleaning hard to reach areas of a home.


Detail Cleaning Los Angeles’ Homes for 30 Years

Nancie Brown has over 30 years of experience with home cleanings. We are the local industry leaders for detail cleaning. If you have a spiral staircase, chandelier, ceiling fan, or other tricky element to clean, you can count on us. We offer something more comprehensive than a routine cleaning. Our cleaning staff are all uniformed and personally trained by our founder Nancie Brown herself. She instructs each trainee in how to clean with respect to our values of reliability, safety, and quality control. Unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t cut corners with cleaners. Our cleaners are required to be ready to clean construction sites, restaurant kitchens, and a wide variety of other areas. That means they need a high level of experience and expertise that you don’t get from the subcontractors and contingent workers that other companies use. We can provide special attention to fine finishes and materials like marble, granite, and stainless steel. We detail outdoor living areas and barbecues, kitchens, pantries, home gymnasiums, and window fittings.


The Standard of Home Cleaning Los Angeles Loves

Our deep cleaning techniques use the best cleaning tools and cleaning products to achieve excellent results. We even formulated several products ourselves in order to do our best work. That’s how we’re able to offer detailing of carpets and upholstery and offer fabric protection. We are also expert window cleaners. Not only do we make your windows sparkle, but we can completely clean your tracks, frames, casings, and screens. With our versatile equipment, we can handle hard-to-reach windows, skylights, and light fixtures too. Interior glass such as showers and glass walls are also eligible for our cleaning and detailing. On your residence’s exterior, we can clean vents, metal screens, and gutters. We can also cover exterior features like lights, gates, and statues.


Nancie Brown & Associates offer the highest quality detail cleaning in Los Angeles. Our cleaners are efficient and thorough. If the team’s supervisor is not satisfied with the quality of the clean, work continues until they are. Find out more about our service by calling us on 310-837-7880.