Cleaning Gyms for COVID-19 Reopening

Do you know how you should be cleaning gyms for the COVID-19 reopening? The coronavirus pandemic’s death toll in the United States reached 100,000 on May 28th, with little indication that the fatality rate is slowing down since. However, states across the country are giving the green light to many businesses to reopen, gyms among them. Now, it is up to business owners to take charge of the safety measures to keep their customers safe. Nancie Brown & Associates is on hand to provide the firm’s expertise in cleaning and disinfecting; skills honed over more than 30 years in business. Our cleaning service has helped all sorts of companies and organizations in and around Los Angeles keep their staff and clientele healthy and safe. From mom-and-pop stores to national and international brands like Chanel, Burberry, Mercedes-Benz, and Cal Arts, business owners and building managers trust us and hire us again and again because of our skilled, thorough approach to cleaning.

How Can Gyms Reopen Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Through the use of expert cleaning services such as Nancie Brown & Associates, and other precautionary measures to prevent transmission of the coronavirus, it is possible for gyms and other fitness centers to reopen while mitigating the risk of infectious disease.

  • Some gyms and studios are reconfiguring their layouts so that customers can maintain social distancing protocols (remaining more than six feet apart).
  • Other centers are taking it a step further, holding their classes outside in facility parking lots. It is known that open air environments are generally safer from COVID-19 than indoor environments.
  • Health experts are advising that gyms limit the number of people permitted to enter a gym or attend fitness classes.
  • Some centers are pursuing a reopening plan where customers book a 90-minute slot in which to work out, before vacating the gym at the end of their slot so that a team of cleaners can sweep in for half an hour and disinfect the common areas for the next group of athletes.
  • An easy step that many gyms are pursuing is to distribute alcohol wipes and 60% alcohol hand sanitizer at hygiene stations around their premises. 
  • Signage reminding both staff and customers about the importance of washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water is another way that people can be a part of the solution.
  • Of course, there are establishments that, in addition to these precautions, are beseeching their clientele to avoid coming to the gym while they are experiencing symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, fevers, or shortness of breath.

Staying Safe at the Gym During the Coronavirus Outbreak

While the bulk of the responsibility for keeping your gym or fitness studio safe from coronavirus rests on your shoulders, that doesn’t mean that you can’t also entreat visitors to pull their weight while they’re lifting their weights. You can require gym attendees to observe social distancing protocols: avoiding close contact with people from outside their households. You can require people to wear face masks when not actively using machines or showering. You can post signage instructing visitors to sanitize workout stations before and after their workouts. You can organize your classes to ensure that attendees are more than 6ft apart at all times. You can encourage people to attend during off-peak hours, so the premises is less densely packed, or move some activities outside so that there is less chance for any asymptomatic individuals to inadvertently spread the disease by aerosol particulate. You can station employees on the entrance of the gym, to perform temperature checks on everyone coming inside. Those with evidence of an elevated temperature can be denied admission as a potential virus risk.

Ensuring a Healthy Gym Environment after COVID-19

Nancie Brown & Associates is an excellent choice of cleaning company to help your gym or fitness studio preserve a healthy environment during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Our staff are fully trained in the latest cleaning techniques, including compliance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. All of them are equipped with effective PPE, including gloves and masks. The coronavirus is able to persist on artificial surfaces such as plastic and metal indoors much longer than it can on natural ones in sunlight, so it is beneficial to enlist a rigorous cleaning crew that can rid your premises of these contaminants periodically.

The Nancie Brown & Associates professional cleaning crews are insured and bonded in addition to their training in cutting-edge sanitation protocols. We offer COVID-19 deep cleaning and sanitizing, and are currently in great demand. Our uniformed crew wear masks to protect themselves and our customers from possible contamination, because the health and safety of our employees and customers are our #1 priority. If you would like a complimentary consultation or free estimate, get in touch today.